3 Reason Why You Should Have Pinterest for Business -Especially Important for e-Commerce Business

Pinterest is the best social media to use to drive traffic to your e-commerce business or to your blog for many reasons. In today’s article, I will list the benefits of using Pinterest to get your e-commerce business customers and/or your blog readers. 

1. Your Customer Base is Growing 

Currently, Pinterest only has 250 million monthly active users. Compared that to Facebook’s 2.38 BILLION, Instagram’s 1B, and Twitter’s 326M (Stat Source: Statistica).

From these numbers, you would probably conclude that Pinterest should be the last social media that you need to use to promote your business but this is a very wrong assumption. 

In May 2018, it was reported that Pinterest has 250 million monthly active users (MAU). That is up 50 million MAU versus when 200 million MAU when they reported in September 2017. That means Pinterest has been adding 6.25 million users per month. In comparison, Twitter only added 9 mil MAU for the entire year of 2018!

So what does that mean to you?

Well, you can rest assured that using Pinterest as one of your advertising tools would result in an ever-expanding customer base. Do not forget, the rapid growth of Pinterest is just an icing to the cake since Pinterest already has over 250 million MAU that you can advertise to.  

2. Your Followers are Ready to Buy

If you come to think of it, the MAU of any social media doesn’t matter if most of the users are not interested in buying or the social media platform doesn’t foster a shopper-focused environment. Fortunately, this is where Pinterest shines! 

Pinterest made their own study on how Pinterest’s pins result to purchase and here are the results that they’ve got.  

According to the poll done by Pinterest, about 60% of Pinterest users get their ideas on what to buy on Pinterest, 72 % inspires them to shop even if they are not looking for anything, and 70% discover new products on Pinterest


About 90% of Pinterest users find Pinterest to be helpful in making their decision what to purchase 


If you are not convinced with that because you feel Pinterest might be a bit biased with the statistics that they released, then maybe these fun facts from Omnicore showing that Pinterest is the best tool to promote your products will convince you! Here are some of the facts that they have provided:

  1. Over 50% of their users are from the USA 
  2. 40% of Pinterest Users have a household income of $100k+
  3. 93% of active Pinterest users use Pinterest to “wishlist” the products they like to purchase in the future
  4. Pinterest influenced a whopping 87% of Pinners to buy a product
  5. 50% of the targeted customer made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin.

Bonus: If you have a blog, then you can use Pinterest to increase your referral traffic to up to 5%!

What does this mean to you as an online entrepreneur is you have a higher return on investment if you will use Pinterest as one of your advertising tools! 

3. Your Contents and/or Adverts Lasts Longer Compared to Other Social Media


Social media lifespan is the term used to describe how long content will remain relevant to users after the initial posting. In other words, this is the period of time where your followers engage in the content that you posted.

Queezly.com made a list on the lifespan of content per social media and below is the summary. 


If you are using Facebook as one of your marketing tools, expect 75% of the total impression happens around 2 hrs and 30 mins while 75% of total engagement happens around the 5-hr mark from the moment the content was posted. 


A tweet’s lifespan only lasts for about 18 to 24 mins and that is probably because there is not a lot to do with content consisting of only 280 characters.


The lifespan of visual contents posted on Instagram is very dependent on its quality. For example, top brands posts will receive 50% of its


Instagram is a visual platform and it is proven that users interact more with images. That being said, the life span of visual content on Instagram depends on its quality. 

According to Queezly, “top brands receive 50% of their comments within the first six hours and 75% within 48 hours and higher-performing posts can take up to 13 hours to get the same amount of comments”


Snaps lifecycle only lasts for a few minutes because each snap is only a couple of seconds long and it is forever lost after it has been viewed. However, Snapchat stories can last up to 24 hrs


Now for our champion. Pinterest’s “Pins” lifespan can last for months!

Why you might ask and I could of think of a couple of reasons. 

First, Pinterest users are proactively searching for ideas compared to other social media users where they passively wait for “relevant” (as determined by algorithms) contents to be shown on their feeds.

Second, Pins from Pinterest are searchable and can be re-pined over and over again. That means your followers will see your Pins on their feed once you posted it. If they like the idea in your pin then they will likely be going to re-pin it. Once they repin your pin on their board, then your follower’s followers will now also see that pin and the process repeats.

Third, Pinterest is a visual search engine. You can say Pinterest is Google for images! Pinterest users use Pinterest to search for ideas in the form of Pins. Once they found what they are looking for, they usually Pin it onto their board. What this means for you is if you can put the relevant keywords on your Pin, e.i. title, description, and hashtag, then the lifespan of your Pins will be prolonged as long as it is being searched and pinned by others. 

Anything to add?

Alright! I hope these three reasons why you should have a Pinterest Business account especially if you have an e-commerce business or a blog convinced you to create one. 

If you know more reasons, then please feel free to share it in the comment section. 

If you are confused or have any questions with regards to the topic for today, please do not hesitate to ask down below as well. 

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