4 Reasons Why Building an Email List is Important in Affiliate Marketing

There are numerous reasons why building an email list is important. If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for any significant time, you’ve almost certainly heard people intoning ‘the money is in the list. While you may roll your eyes and think that their fervor appears almost cult-like, there’s a reason that building an emailing list is seen as the cornerstone of any successful affiliate marketing business. Successful online business owners repeat this mantra because it is true, but it’s important to understand why email lists are the key to success. Here are 4 reasons why building an email list is important.

1. Ads Aren’t Effective Conversion Tools

Very few people click on an on-site advert, take a look at the sales spiel, and then immediately make a purchase. While it happens, this is relatively rare.

Ultimately, ads don’t usually convert into direct sales. However, they do make potential customers familiar with what you’ve got to offer. When they keep seeing the advert, again and again, they’re more likely to click and sign up for your mailing list. Once you have their email, you can send them marketing materials that allow you to turn them into real-life customers.

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2. Directing Traffic to Your Website

Most people only visit a website once, perhaps because they stumbled across it on a search engine query or because someone else recommended it. Either way, they either didn’t like what the site had to offer or didn’t find it compelling enough to make a purchase then and there. These situations are missed opportunities to build a customer base.

By encouraging visitors to join an email list, you can send them marketing that may cause them to revisit your website in the future. For example, you could send them information about a new blog post or product that may interest them. An email list prompts people to give your website a second try and converts many one-off visits into repeat traffic and, ultimately, sales.

3. Portraying Yourself as an Expert

Good email marketing shows the people on your email list that you are a good source of information because you are an expert in your sector. The more of your emails they engage with, the better their impression of you and your business. Well-targeted emails can build your reputation as an industry expert.

The crucial factor is to build up trust and likeability so that your list members see you as a trustworthy information source. Over time, it’s reasonably likely that they will decide to purchase the product or service you’re marketing. Some people require very little encouragement if they were already considering buying your product or are easily persuaded, but others may take more time. However, you won’t convert any of these potential buyers without an emailing list.

4. Filtering Out Potential Customers Using Special Offers

The final point to bear in mind is that email lists give you the opportunity to convert website visitors to actual paying customers using updates and deals. This allows you to build a credible reputation and increase your selling power.

Providing email list members with one-dollar deals for an ebook or pamphlet is a good way to sort the genuine potential customers from ‘tire kickers.’ Potential customers will buy your offer, and even though you won’t turn much of a profit, it lets you know that they are worth targeting with further marketing. Tire kickers simply receive emails without the serious intention to buy the product or service you’re offering.

One-dollar deals make it easy to see who the genuine potential customers are and which people have no intention of ever making a purchase. While one-dollar deals turn a negligible profit, they allow you to target your marketing efforts towards tried and tested buyers who may be open to spending on pricier offers.

Summary:4 Reasons Why Building an Email List is Important in Affiliate Marketing

So again, the 4 reasons why building an email list is important in affiliate marketing are the following:

  1. Ads aren’t an effective conversion tool
  2. Directs traffic to your website
  3. Portrays yourself as an expert
  4. Filter out potential customers using special offers

Do you agree with the list? What other reasons can you think of why building an email list is important? Please let me know in the comment section below!

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you now understand by building an email list is so important. Email lists are a crucial marketing tool for encouraging repeat visits to your website and converting traffic into actual sales. You can also use cheap offers to single out the list members most likely to buy from you in the future.

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