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Hello, Wealth Builders,

What is up?! It is your man John Greg and I am here to help and coach you so you can start building your wealth.

First things first!

Welcome, everyone! I hope that you will be able to find lots of useful articles about personal finance here at WealthBuilderTips.com.

What is WealthBuilderTips.com

Our Vision

Our vision is to see diverse peoples become financially independent to live their one and only life according to its purpose

Our Mission

To help willing people eliminate their debt,  increase or find another source of income and to make financial independence a reality.

What makes WealthBuilderTips.com different from other personal finance blogs?

We will take a holistic approach to build our wealth. This can be achieved by not just focusing on how to use budgeting templates nor just learning the do’s and don’ts of personal finance, instead, we will also learn how to develop ourselves, how to increase our income and how to manage our expenses, and get rid of our debt or start investing for the future.

Here is the thing. Personal finance is really just simple math: you spend less than what you make. What makes it complicated is our bad spending habit, we underestimate ourselves in terms of accomplishing goals, and most of the time our income is simply just not enough! So with all these simple truths, it is a no-brainer to focus on developing on all those areas so we can achieve and maintain financial independence.

What can you get from WealthBuilderTips.com?

Most of the articles that you will find from WealthBuilderTips.com is about personal finance and ways to increase your income. The site was launch in August 2018, so it is quite new but I am hoping to release a Budgeting Course 101, Content Marketing Course, Social Media, and Digital Advertising Course by the end of 2019 so if you are interested enrolling into one or more of those courses then I encourage you to leave your e-mail address so I can give you a shout when they are ready.

For now, you can expect to find and articles from categories of personal growth and development, managing personal finance, best home based business, smart investing ideas, and online business reviews.

Who are you listening to?

Good questions! Who are you listening to and why you should listen to me?

My friends call me Greg but I introduce myself to work as John. You can call me either John or Greg or even John Greg. I currently live in Canada, but I came from the Philippines (third world) about 13 years ago. I am a quiet person but you can make me speak a lot if the topic is about stock investing, budgeting, making side income and Christianity.

Living in a third world country for the first 17 years of my life made me see the value of money. It helped me understand that money limited, yet our wants and needs are unlimited. I learned that you either increase your income or reduce your expenses in order to advance in life or even to avoid getting broke.

At a very young age, my dad thought me to save my school allowance. He would tell me that if I want to buy something that I really love then I need to discipline myself not to spend on random things. My mom, on the other hand, trained us how to perfect window shopping! We know well that we can go and browse the toy section whenever we go to a mall but we should never ask them to buy anything. (Well my mom usually buys the knock-off versions of the toys we want and gift it on birthdays or Christmas or whenever we have good marks).

Saving money became my favorite game when I was a kid. I remember that I would always try to ask allowance from my relatives on Christmas then put it in my savings bank. My greatest accomplishment was when I was 7 years old. I managed to save 6000 pesos.  For reference, the current minimum wage in Metro Manila Philippines is only 537 pesos a day or 10740 pesos per day or $201/month. So 6000 pesos per day (US$112.82) savings in the early 1990s is pretty darn good.

My life in the Philippines is not luxurious, but we are blessed to always have the basic needs of life. We have a house, we never went hungry, we have clothes to wear, and a good school to attend. However, when we migrated to Canada, we started living on or below the poverty line. Fortunately, my relatives let us into their house.

I am glad I learned how to save at a very young age because that helped me to overcome financial stress that new immigrant often faces. I got my first job at McDonald’s at the age of 17 and by my 20’s I have a Registered Retirement Plan and Tax-Free Savings Account set up. I tried to save and invest every single dollar that I make and tried to avoid buying unnecessary things. Fast forward, I now have a good working and automated budget, able to trade the stock market and most importantly I am aware of my personal finance. I have tried to increase my financial IQ during my mid 20’s which is now helping me to pursue even greater things.

That’s it, for now, Wealth Builders!
John Greg

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