12 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

12 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

Christmas is around the corner. Are you done your Christmas shopping? If not well you are in luck because you will find here some of the bestseller and highest rated affordable Christmas gift ideas that you can buy from Amazon. 


Another great news for you is all the Christmas gift ideas here are Amazon Prime qualified. That means is you will receive your orders withing 2 days! Talk about convenience: you won’t need to find parking lots, no need to battle it out for a bargain item, don’t have to walk around for hours looking for the perfect gift.

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Affordable Christmas Gift for Toddlers

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

Mega Bloks 80 pcs Big Building Bag

190 ratings
827 ratings
10579 ratings

This interactive book has over a hundred of words with sound effects, fun facts and it reads the words guaranteed to make your kid to have fun time learning how to read. 

For easy memorization, the book comes with two learning songs. 

The cherry on the cake?! It is bilingual: French and English – perfect for Canadians!

This is a great gift for Pre-K because it is designed to encourage your toddler to be curious and active. 

This cute little box of miracle contains light-light up buttons, sounds, and songs. 

It has a motion sensor that activates sounds to attract your toddler to crawl towards it and its size is perfect to support them in sitting up  

Classic kid’s toy! 

Cultivate your kid’s creativity and imagination with this Big Building edition. 

Each block is made to be big to ensure your kid will not be able to swallow it. 




Affordable Christmas Gift for Teenager

1647 ratings
2996 ratings
4212 ratings

Creativity for Kids Grow and Glow Terrarium

Nerf B9837 N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

What our kids need today is not the latest techs, but something that will spark and develop their creativity and this Grow and Glow Terrarium will do the job. 

This kit includes the 2 types of seeds to grow, the jar to grow in, a mister to water the plant and decorations that will let your kid plant and design a one of a kind terrarium. 

Pew Pew…

I am a Youth Worker and trust me… I haven’t seen a single teenager that doesn’t like a Nurf gun (or I guess I am surrounded by weird and very violent teenagers.. lol). 

This one will let them shoot without hurting so that alone is a good reason for you to gift this. 

Every parent’s dream is for their kids to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer (or is that only Asian parents like mine?). 

Anyways, if you want your kid to become one, then gift this to your kid. This will spark (no pun intended) their curiosity and, hopefully, they’ll decide to become an engineer someday!

This kit comes with all electrical parts (don’t worry, it is covered with plastic to avoid injury) needed to do 100 exciting electronic projects that will help your kid develop their critical thinking skills and perseverance.  




Affordable Christmas Gift for Him

DUCKBUTTER Beard Oil Beardsman Pack

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Tommy Hilfiger Leather Ranger Passcase Wallet

1679 ratings
9809 ratings
2897 ratings

Your beardo friend is gonna love this! 

This gift includes 4 different scents – 1 for each mood he has. Amazing!

Also, it comes with a comb to keep his gorgeous beard in tip-top shape plus a brush to… I honestly don’t know what it is for but it is there and trust me he will like it and he will be happy about it. 

Coffee. Everbody’s favorite legal drugs.

But what is coffee if it is lukewarm?

In Revelation it says.  “So, because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

Lukewarm coffee is a serious problem so this gift will surely be loved. This Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer will make sure his coffee stays hot so his head will not!

This one is a fun gift because it is supposed to hold money, but I bet the only thing this gorgeous thing will hold after Christmas is debt. 

Nevertheless, it is a good gift. 

It is not bad to give your guy a prank gift once in a while, right? 😉




Affordable Christmas Gift for Her

4092 ratings
536 ratings
231 ratings

Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set

Tasty Latest and Greatest

Umbra Anigram Animal Ring Holder

If you need to gift a girl and don’t know what to give then this one is one of the safest gift you can give – trust me. 

Girls love to moisturize themselves and this gift from heaven comes with… all the stuff they need to keep their skin smooth and silky. 

On top of that, as per product description, this set is made out of natural hard working ingredients… I wish my workplace is full of this kind. 

If the woman you know loves to cook, then this is a perfect Christmas gift for her – maybe let her open it up a bit early so she can try some of the recipes for the Christmas dinner!

With over 500 people giving it an average of 4.3/5.0 review, I can assure you that the recipe in this cookbook is amazing!

Who needs a ring holder? Prolly, most women do! 

With this cute animal design, gift will not just be cute but also amazing. That means you will be giving her an amazing gift! 

On top of that, this gift is affordable so win for the both of you :D. 




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