Affordable Father’s Day Gifts 2019 – Gifts Ideas For Every Type of Dads!

Mugs For Dad

Don’t have any idea what to give to your dad? Why not give him a mug! Mug is probably one of the most common father’s gift but hey! At least he will not dislike it!

Even if your dad is not a coffee lover, he can still use this mug to put his pens, keys (which he probably always lose), eyeglasses and so much more! If you know how to bake, you can even use this mug to bake him a chocolate mug cake!


Sewor Necklace Quartz Pocket Watch

If your dad is that wise, charismatic, gentleman kind of dad then this is the best gift for him.

ACE Gadget – Magnetic Wrist band with ADJUSTABLE

Does your dad like to fix everything in your house? Does he always ask you to hold the nuts and bolts for him? Do you see him struggle going up and down the ladder to get the nails

Folding Stool with Tool Bag and 5 Tools Garden Tool Set

Gardening is relaxing and very rewarding especially when you finally see the beauty of your hard work and eat the fruits of your labor and that is probably why your dad loves doing it. However, having to carry gardening tools with bare hands can quickly become very stressful.

Just how many times did you see your dad dropping his gardening tools on the floor or don’t you feel bad for him since he has to go back and forth the shed because he keeps forgetting his stuffs. You probably heard him complain about his back or his knees from kneeling or bending down all day because he has no proper stool to use.

This third gift ideas solves all of your dad’s gardening needs! This tool set is portable so your dad can carry all of his gardening tools in one go and the best part of it is he will not drop it! In addition to, he can use this as his stool when planting, weeding or pruning his garden therefore helping him with his knee or back complains!

Wrench Roll Up Pouch Black Coiling Block Bag

Whether your dad is a very organized person or a messy one, this wrench roll-up bag will definitely help him.

Your organized dad will appreciate this bag because it can fit most of his tools plus it is less bulky than a traditional tool box while if you have your messy dad, he will love this because now he doesn’t have to spend half of the time looking for his tools!

Cable Management Sleeves

This cable management sleeve is a perfect gift for dads who are techy but has a problem managing his electronics cables!

Your dad will love this gift because not only it is easier to use but also very customizable compared to a traditional cable management system.

Fishing Pliers Fish Gripper Fishing Gloves Tools Set

Do you and your dad love fishing? If so, then this fishing set is the best gift to give.

It comes with a heavy duty fish pliers that are made with aluminum and stainless steel which gives you an assurance that it will not break easily (because who wants a broken tool in the middle of your fishing trip, right?). It can also easily remove hooks, cut your lines, and many more.

You will also get a fish gripper which is very important especially if you do not want to let your catch go! You can be sure that the metal hook will hold your catch in place and the EVA handle will stay grippy even in wet conditions.

A protective fish gloves is also included in the tool set which will help your hands safe against those pointy hooks, and sharp fish scales.

Finally, your tools set comes with a fastener lock, a coiled lanyard, and a sturdy nylon sheath so you will not loose your favorite tools!

Our First Father’s Day Gift For Dad & Baby Matching Set Bodysuit & Men’s T-Shirt

First is always special and memorable. So why not buy this cool “Our First Father’s Day” t-shirt to make that perfect father’s day selfie extra special!

Philips Multigroom Series 5000 Corded/Cordless with 17 Trimming Accessories

Perfect gift for dad that like to take care of themselves especially who makes grooming their beard a full-time job! This grooming kit from Philips comes with 17 trimmings to fit the style of your dad whatever it is!

19-Piece BBQ Grill Tools Set

Last but not the least in our affordable Father’s day gift ideas is this 19 piece BBQ Grill tools set. Perfect for dads that takes pride of their BBQ ribs, wings, burgers and everything else!

This set contains all of your dad’s grilling needs, 19 BBQ tool set in all. It contains 4-in-1 spatula, grill brush, skewers and more. The best part of it is it comes with a storage case, so your dad wont have a hard time looking for his BBQ tools in your cupboard.

The set is also made of stainless steel so you can be sure that your dad will enjoy grilling for years to come!

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