Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts (Under $30)

Mother’s day is coming up! Do you have a gift for your mom?

I know, I know, this site is about saving money, so you might ask, “Why spend? Isn’t “Mother’s day” is just being used by businesses to make money? I can just be with my mom and have quality time?

My answer for those is yes, you can do that but hear me out. Our moms did a lot of sacrifice for us whether we know it or not. Yes, sometimes they are strict – okay maybe all the time. Or, they can be annoying because they always have something to say about our lives. Nevertheless, they are always there ready to listen to your problem and help in the best way they can.

That being said, give them a gift! It doesn’t have to be an expensive one and the is where my list comes in!

Now, there are a lot of types of mom. Some love to cook. There are those who love to exercise while others love to read books. In this list, I will try to give affordable gift ideas to different types of mom.

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Affordable Mother’s Day Gift

Gifts for Hard Working Moms

Every mom deserves pampering especially those who work 2 jobs or even 3 jobs sometimes to support the family financially. Maybe the mom you know have toddlers and that, in itself, is equivalent to more than 1 full-time job!

Yes, they might say they have no time to relax, but I urge you to convince them to do so! Get the bathroom or bedroom set up before they get home.

1. Soy Candles -“Girl Boss” Lavender & Sage Scented | Lit Candle Co.

To help them relax, use this hand-made soy candles that are lavender and sage scented. It is claimed that the scent of lavender can promote calmness and wellness while sage can reduce stress and anxiety.

If you have scented candles or essential oils lying around in your house, then feel free to use that. The goal here is to give your mom a signal that it is time to pamper herself.

2. Cotton Robe with Lace Trim

They will immediately get relaxed as they entered the bathroom or bedroom, of course, they would know that something is up. Your next move is to give this cotton robe with lace. This will fully lower her guard and give in to whatever you are planning on her day.

3. Soap – Natural Body Bars – Handmade Hand Soaps in Bulk – Organic Lavender – 100g 3 Pack

Time for a warm bath after a long day at work. Give her this special soap for her special day! This soap is hand made and it is lavender scented as well which will help her further relax and let those stress go away

4. Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set

After your mom’s relaxing bath, give her a set of Burth’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift which she would appreciate because… well do you know any woman who doesn’t take care of their skin?

Gifts For Moms Who Loves to Cook

If your mom is an “Iron Chef” kinda mom then why not give them these recipe books? They will surely appreciate learning more recipes and while on it, maybe take a look in the recipe book and buy the ingredients that you want to eat for mother’s day dinner!

5. The Simple Kitchen: Quick and Easy Recipes Bursting with Flavor

6. Tasty Latest and Greatest: Everything You Want to Cook Right Now (An Official Tasty Cookbook)


7. Personalized Mothers Day Gift, Personalized Cutting Board

Have you ever seen your mom cooking without a chopping board? Of course not, so if you want your mom to remember you every time she cooks then get her this custom made chopping board!

8. KitchenArt 25000 Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel Professional Series, White

Silly, question. Do you love your mom’s cooking?

Of course, you do. It is the best. It is tasty. Do you want to know why her food taste so good? Well. She uses spices!

Ow well, look at that. After years of eating all of her spices, you finally have a chance to gift it back!

I don’t know about you, but I think this “spice carousel is an awesome gift”.

Know a “Used-to-be-a-Gym-Rat” New Mom?

9. Chasing Toddlers is My Cardio t-Shirt

Being a mom is not easy especially if you have a toddler (worse toddlers) that are always hyper and does not stop running, climbing, and… flying around?

Well, let’s keep these moms sane by gifting them a bit of humor that would make them smile especially during those very stressful days.

Don’t Forget Your Mother’s Day Card!

10. Handmade Wooden Mothers Day Card Mom Greeting Card for Mother

Wait a minute…

Did you actually think of just handing your gift without a sweet letter coming from you?

How dare you…

Alright, I forgive you, but I hope you give your mom a letter and she will treasure it. You don’t have to give buy this one I am advertising. Do not worry, I will not be mad at you, but promise me to give her a card along with one or all the gift ideas that I shared in this article! 😀

That’s It. That is all I want to share with you! I hope that you and your family will have a nice Mother’s Day celebration!

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