Are uDemy Courses Worth It?

Are uDemy Courses Worth It?

Udemy is a leading platform when it comes to studying online. The website has garnered significant recognitions from students and experts since its inception. And why not? Udemy has been at the forefront, offering virtual knowledge to those that need it globally for the last decade. Therefore, praise and a good reputation are just a few of this platform’s deserved recognition.

However, Udemy isn’t all roses, and like any other platform, it has its fair share of cons and complaints from several users. So, this review takes an in-depth assessment of Udemy’s capabilities. You’ll learn more about the platform, its benefits, and the evidence behind its effectiveness.

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What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online training platform that offers 150,000+ courses of different ranges and began its operations in 2010. Since then, the platform has grown immensely as one of the most preferred online learning spaces.

The vast number of courses available on the platform is among the things that make Udemy a leading online learning platform. Besides that, Udemy courses are relatively affordable as they range from about $10-$200. It is the go-to place for whichever course you are looking for, and you can choose a course based on user experience, reviews, and ratings.

And as of July 2020, Udemy recorded a whopping 50+ million users on their platform. So, rest assured that you’ll be getting what you pay for, which answers the question of whether Udemy courses are worth it.

Why Use Udemy?

Now that you know what Udemy is let’s see what its capabilities can help you accomplish if you enroll with them.

Below are some of the significant benefits of using Udemy as an online learning platform.

1. Discounts and Affordable Courses

Udemy has been setting the standards as one of the most affordable online platforms globally. The platform does this by offering multiple discounts and coupons where learners can try courses for free.

Additionally, these periods of discounts stretch even towards the most profound courses where you can 50% off your chosen course.

2. Comprehensive Course Options

Unlike other online learning platforms, Udemy possesses extensive course offerings. The medium comprises of over 150,000 courses ranging from different fields. Therefore, you always get what you want, something other learning platforms are still struggling to provide.

3. Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with a certain course you’ve purchased, Udemy gives you a 30-day window to return it and get your money back. This test-drive is another benefit to enjoy on Udemy and has made the platform more likable over the years.

4. Feedback from Both Ends

After purchasing a course, you also get a chance to interact with the instructor concerning any problem or question that you might have. You can do this through a provided discussion board, which allows learners to leave comments online and get them answered directly by the course instructor or other students. This kind of transparency is great and it gives you amazing confidence in what you learn.

Proof that Udemy is Worth It

1. 10+ Years in the Industry

Established in 2010, Udemy has been serving students and instructors with an enabling environment for growth and development through e-learning. That’s a decade worth of reputation, and though it might not be all rosy, the positives have certainly been a good part of the company.

2. 50+ Million Users

Udemy has registered a whopping 50+ million users on its platform, which ensures a good e-learning space. Although not all these users have a good time on the space, it’s still proof of an online learning space worth your money.

3. Efficient Feedback

You can directly reach out to your instructor and consult them, which is proof that Udemy can be trusted. This enhances the learning ability as it exposes you to many resources for effective learning.

Invest in Yourself Today and Start Building Your Future

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Final Thoughts

So, are Udemy courses worth it? As you’ve seen, there are different ways of arriving at this answer, influenced by many factors. Udemy is indeed a legit and trustworthy platform to get your e-learning going.

You stand to gain substantial knowledge from Udemy when you pick a particular subject you are passionate about. But like any similar space, you have to be vigilant for the best overall experience.

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