What to Do When Stock Market Crashes? – Oct 2018


If you are following the stock market, then you are probably aware that NASDAQ is now officially in “correction” while both S&P500 and DOW Industrial Average is down ~8% from its peak. When professionals say that the stock market is in correction, that basically means that the market has gone down ~10% from its peak. Normally, there is no need to worry at this point. The stock market always rises and fall. However, it is …

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Shaw Academy Review

Many of us are stuck with our career and we either have no extra cash to burn or no time to spare even if we want to upgrade our skill set. Luckily, education is becoming more and more affordable and convenient thanks to the internet. In this article, I will share to you my legit Shaw Academy Review! What’s In This Article? First off, I will tell you what is Shaw Academy and what are …

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I Made Money From Blogging – How Visualizing Can Help


I Made Money From Blogging! What a Surprising Day! Last night I just posted my 18th post. I’m getting tired and weary because I still have no results so far, sure I got indexed on Google, but what’s the use of that if I am not converting any leads. I did and finished my training, and I did not just watch it but I completed each task per lesson before moving on to the next …

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Best Home Based Business Opportunities


Hello Ladies and Gents Good Day and welcome to another blog here at Wealthy Affiliates. Today I will share to you some of the best home based business opportunities that I discovered and/or trying out. I need to be honest with everyone because you deserve it. I am in the online business for just a couple of months so I humbly admit that I am not an expert on any field (probably except stock market …

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How to Sell on eBay?


eBay is as an online marketplace where consumers can sell their used or second-hand items to other consumers in either an “auction-style” or “buy it now” transaction.  Unlike Amazon.com where they expect their sellers to only sell a brand new product (sellers can also sell second-hand product provided that it is in a very good condition, however, second-hand selling is not popular in Amazon), eBay is less strict on the quality of being sold in …

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How To Sell on Amazon?


If you are a small business owner and thinking of expanding your business by selling online or you are thinking of starting a drop shipping company and looking for the best online retailer to sell your items then hold on tight as I show you how to sign up for Amazon Services so you can start selling your merchandise at Amazon. Unfortunately, if you are planning to sell your used items or items that you …

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Weatlhy Affiliate Review – Features WA Offers That I Really Love


Hello Friends! In this post, I will be sharing my experience on my use of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and I hope that I will be able to help you decide whether WA is for you or not. If you search Wealthy Affiliate reviews, then you will most likely read a mix bags of reviews; some giving WA good review other accuse it as a scam. I suggest that you create a FREE no-strings-attached account first …

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About Us


Hello, Wealth Builders, What is up?! It is your man John Greg and I am here to help and coach you so you can start building your wealth. First things first! Welcome, everyone! I hope that you will be able to find lots of useful articles about personal finance here at WealthBuilderTips.com. What is WealthBuilderTips.com Our Vision Our vision is to help willing people attain financial independence so they may be able to pursue their life’s …

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