6 Best Domain Name Registrars Trusted By Online Entrepreneurs

A domain name is an address to your site and you give this to people so they can visit. Without it, no one can visit your site no matter how great the content is or how good looking it is. This means only 1 thing. You need one if you want to create a site! However, there are dozens of domain name registrar out there, which one should you get? In this article, I will share with you 6 Best Domain Name Registrar every online entrepreneur’s trust!

So why are domains very popular? Well, whenever you search for a place on the internet, a computer will search for the site in Internet Protocol, also known as popular IP. IP addresses are usually in long number sequences that the human brain cannot process, hence the birthplace domain names. Domain names give the long number sequences a shorter name in words that are easy for people to understand and remember.

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You need to understand that people do not just come up with domains, the ICANN usually assigns a field, in full, the ICANN is the Inter Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, they have all websites in their databases. Whenever you search for a site, and you do not get a result, most of the time, that means that the website is not in existence. To register your website name, you have to look for a domain name registrar; they are in charge of adding domains to the database.

A website that has a domain name makes it credible to people; therefore, you increase the people who can see the site. Having a site means that your company is transparent, and people can access it quickly; that is why people strive to get the best domain name registrar. In this article, we will be learning about the best domain name registrars.

6 Best Domain Name Registrar

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is another one in our list of best domain name registrar

Bluehost is a premier web hosting company as well as a domain registrar; in fact, they are the official web hosting company for WordPress. So if you are looking for a company that can set up your site as well as registers your domain, Bluehost is the way to go.

Bluehost has friendly offers For beginners, they register your domain name for free, and after that, you pay a fee of 2 dollars 75 cents every month for a year. For web hosting, you get a discount and an SSL Certificate. If you would love these offers, then Bluehost is the domain registrar you need.

2. Namecheap

Best Domain Name Registrar:Namecheap

Name cheap is another well-known registrar. It has a tool search box that gives you hundreds of domain names to select, and if the one you had decided on has a user, they offer you alternatives to them; they have privacy practices that prevent people from stealing your domain name.

Namecheap has fair prices and discounts for first time users; they also have added on like secure transfer where you can switch registrars if they do not suit your needs.

3. DreamHost

 Last of our Best Domain Name Registrar is dreamhost

Dreamhost has discounts to give the user if they are looking for web hosting services and free domain names for new clients. Dreamhost has a fee of 9 dollars a year for its users.

DreamHost is a cheap host and offers you more add ons that include security and privacy of your data and effortless domain transfer.

4. Domain.com

Domain.com is one of the best domain registrars for beginners. The company is always there to give a helping hand to, however, needs it. They direct you on how to access the various features they have and how to use them. It is highly recommended for people who are just starting, and since it was inception in 2000, it has made a name for itself as a well-renowned domain registrar.

Domain.com offers domain transfers and other add on services like protection of your domain. Domain transfers allow you to switch to other domains if the services are not up to standard. The protection they offer gives you security from hackers. Domain.com also gives you extended expiration time where you can pay past the date of expiry.

5. HostGator

Best Domain Name Registrar: HostGator

HostGator offers both web hosting and domain registration services, they not only perform two tasks, but they are also beginner-friendly with most of the site easy to operate on because of the search box and DNS tools that make it effortless to work.

HostGator has a ton of add on services that include secure transfer. You can move your domain to different registrars; they also have privacy measures put in place to help you secure your domain from people who steal sites and use the domain as theirs.

6. GoDaddy

Best Domain Name Registrar: GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most popular registries with over 70million domains worldwide, and more than 10 million people using it, the figures show that people love it so much that they use it for more than one domain. GoDaddy is all the oldest in the list and therefore has gathered the attention of people for a long time.

GoDaddy has amazing fees that make it popular among people. First-time users also get crazy offers and discounts. You also get easy to use domain transfers. The domain registrar has a search toolbox that gives you millions of names to choose from, giving you an easier time when coming up with a domain to name your website.

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