6 Budgeting Books You Need to Read To Get Financially Fit

6 Budgeting Books You Need to Read to Get Financially Fit

When you read budgeting books, you are likely to make a change in your entire life. Once in a blue moon, you require motivation that only great books can offer you. It does not matter whether if it is about finance, healthy eating, managing, or even cooking; note that finding a book that speaks to you in volumes can be a great start for your life. Most people require budgeting books but do not have …

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How to Start a Household Budget?

How to Start a Household Budget

Have you decided 2020 will be the year where you will have a full control of your finances? Here is a guide on How to Start a Household Budget to help you!

Reasons Why People Fail With their Budget and How You Can Win

Hi Friends! I’ve been doing my research about budgeting and I found out from Comet Financial Intelligence that only 20% of 1002 people who participated in their survey do not follow a budget! I am surprised! Only 20%! They did not mention the complexity of the budget people is following but that is a different topic to discuss. My hope is you are not one of the 20% and if you are, today is the …

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How to Budget and Save Money? (10 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom)


Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you living pay cheque to pay cheque? Or maybe you are on the blessed side and you don’t need to worry about money, but do you know how much you earn and how much you spend? Do you not fear that maybe one day, your card will be declined while purchasing a very important purchase? You will be surprised how a simple budget can help. Let us …

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Why Budget is Important?


Hi Friends! Just a quick question before we start. How many of you know how much you make and how much you spend per month? How many of you know where your money goes? Who among you are financially stressed right now because of your financial circumstances? Would you believe me if I tell you that being broke has nothing to do with how much a person makes per month? Would you agree with me that …

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How to Automate Your Personal Finance?


Hello Wealth Builders! First, I want to thank you for dropping in to read my article on “How to Automate Personal Finance”. I hope that I will be able to add value to your life by the end of this blog. Today, I want to share to you a simple practice that I do to budget my money without really getting too involved in the process. Of course, there are lots of ways to do …

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