How to Increase Followers on Pinterest – 5 Steps That Helped Me Increase Mine!


In my article “What is Pinterest Used For?”, I explained why online businesses such as e-commerce, and content marketing can benefit from using Pinterest to advertise their products and/or services to their target audience. As far as I know, there are two ways to do this. The first way is to take advantage of Pinterest’s search engine nature while the other method is to use Pinterest as social media. Using Pinterest as Search Engine The …

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What is Pinterest Used For?


You probably think Pinterest is another kind of social media but it is not! True, It has the following and followers stuff going on here, but there is more to it! It is actually a visual search engine as well! That being said, What is Pinterest Used For? Pinterest Interesting Facts Jeff Bulla gave some interesting fact about Pinterest in his article 10 Amazing Facts About Pinterest Marketing That Will Surprise You, According to him, …

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