25 Cheap (But Romantic)Valentine's Gift For Her

Valentine’s day is here and I know, as a guy, we will put “finding the perfect gift for her” aside and do it last minute. I also know the result of this procrastination is overspending on gifts that are not really that great. Well, Gents I got your back. I curated 25 Cheap (but Romantic) Valentine’s Gift for Her that will help you make this Valentine’s day the greatest ever!

Cheap (but Romantic) Gifts for Her

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Cheap (but Romantic) Valentine's Gift for Her

12 Inch Teddy Bear

3548 Ratings (4.8 out 5)

Let’s start the list with a traditional Valentine’s gift – a Teddy Bear.

This is a safe-but-romantic Valentine’s gift to give especially if this is your first time giving her a gift. If you’ve been together for a while now, let me say to you that a teddy bear is still a romantic Valentine’s gift – it is always sweet to give a gift like it is your first time seeing each other. 

With over 3000 customers giving a 4.8-star review to this teddy bear, you can be assured that your girl will definitely love this 12″ teddy bear too.  

Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelet

676 Ratings (4.5 out 5)

Sterling silver bracelets are always a good gift. To make it even greater, why not give one with an infinity symbol and tell her that it represents your love for her – infinity!

Explosion Box

108 Ratings (4.6 out 5)

Not a lot of guy can pull this off, but I can assure you that both of you will have a wonderful Valentine’s day if you can pull this off!

The explosion box is stationary on a steroid. You can write love letters, glue in your pictures together, and include a lot of pretty and romantic little things in it. 

The box looks like a regular gift box but  watch her as she opens the box and discovers the explosion of your love and effort.  

Rosegold Women's Wristwatch

511 Ratings (4.3 out 5)

A simple but timeless gift. 

This watch is a minimalistic yet elegantly designed, perfect gift especially if your girl is simple but perfect in every way. 

Magic Mug Cartoon

432 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

Is your lady loves to drink hot tea, coffee, or chocolate?

If so, this Magic Mug Cartoon is a perfect simple gift for her. This mug will magically show a picture of a cute couple when a hot drink is poured into it. Let her know that like the mug and the hot drink, both of you will be incomplete if not together #boom. 

Handmade Blank Wood Card Love

259 Ratings (4.5 out 5)

Sometimes, the best Valentines’s gift is just a simple, genuine word coming from your heart. 

Now, don’t just put those once in a lifetime moments on a regular piece of paper or send it electronically. Instead, capture it in this very romantic Valentine’s card so both of you can go back and reminisce on it one day.   

I Love You 100 Language Projection Pendant

263 Ratings (4.1 out 5)

Do you love her so much, you think it is not enough to say how much you love her in just one language?

Well, this pendant will help you say I Love You to Her in over 100 different languages!

The design of the pendant already looks great by itself but shine a light through it and let the magic happens! 

Heart Shape Musical Jewelry Box

1921 Ratings (4.4 out 5)

A music box is always romantic and sentimental. 

This is a perfect gift to your girl if she likes jewelry and you give her a lot of it as well. She will be reminded of your love for her every time she opens the music box to wear the gifts you’ve given her. 

Fitness Watch

937 Ratings (4.1 out 5)

“In sickness and In health” is a vow that you will or have said to your lady but wouldn’t be awesome to live life together through health only? 

Well, gift this fitness watch to reduce the risk of sickness 😀 


Bluetooth Shower Speaker (Waterproof)

1227 Ratings (3.9 out 5)

Maybe your lady wants to start a Karaoke Shower to go against James Corden’s show Karaoke Carpool. 

Support her dreams and help her practice her singing while taking a shower with this Bluetooth Shower Speaker. This one is waterproof so she can focus on singing and not on getting worried not to get the speaker wet. 

Cheap (but Romantic) Valentine's Gift for Women Who Deserves a Relaxing Night

Bath Bomb Mold Set

1566 Ratings (4.1 out 5)

Almost every women that I know are hard workers and I know yours is as well. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you give her a gift that will help her relax? For example, this bath bomb mold set lets you create a bath bomb that she can use to help her relax. 

If couple activity is your thing, then you can also invite her to join and help you create a bath bomb that she can use later on. 

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Scrapping Massage Tool Set

1227 Ratings (3.9 out 5)

I know. You are probably thinking what the heck is this. I have to ask my wife what is this for as well! 

Well, this is used to massage your lady’s face face. Apparently, it is relaxing to use this and it helps to make their face softer. 

Sometimes, you don’t need to understand what you gift. The more important thing is they will love it!

Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser

1566 Ratings (4.3 out 5)

Lights off, let the room go dark. The only light in the room is the the ambient light coming off this tree patterned essential oil diffuser. 

As she lies on her chair, she smells the therapeutic scent of essential oil. What a relaxing night.

Wouldn’t that what you want for your girl to have every after a day’s hard work?

Spa Gift Basket (Lavander)

331 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

Ladies love the scent of lavender. Another thing that they love are lotions, hair shampoo, and conditioners, basically, anything that will keep their skin and hair healthy and moisturize. 

Are you following where I am getting here? This spa gift basket contains all the things they love! 

Gift this to your girl and you will have many Valentine ahead of you.  

Numi Organic Flowering Tea Set

806 Ratings (4.6 out 5)

A perfect gift for women who loves to read, watch movies, or work long hours on a computer.

Giving her tea would help her calm down yet focused because of the small caffeine. 

What makes this tea set unique than others is it is designed for the use of flowering tea blossom. That means she will see a flower blooming as she steeps her tea. Ain’t that beautiful and relaxing?

Cheap (but Romantic) Valentine's Gift for Women Who Are Crazy with Plants

Hanging Planter Glass Terrarium Container

346 Ratings (4.8 out 5)

I want you to imagine this. 

Create a hanging garden of succulents and secretly set it up while she is at work.

Can’t you see how much she will appreciate the effort that you’ve put into it when she sees it? On top of it, she will love the set up very much! Apparently, this is pretty popular with the ladies. 

Nature's Blossom Bonsai Tree

299 Ratings (4.6 out 5)

If your lady loves to grow plants, then this nature blossom bonsai tree grows kit might interest her much. 

For one, bonsai are pretty and interesting plants. Two, growing a bonsai is similar to growing a regular plant but not… I mean it grows like a regular plant but it takes skills to make it beautiful and this challenge might be the reason why your lady would love this gift.  

20 Pack Succulent Plants

440 Ratings (4.4 out 5)

I am not sure why, but ladies are pretty attracted to succulents – maybe because they are cute and attractive to look at?

Like what I’ve said, I don’t know the reason behind their obsession with these plants, but one thing I can assure you and that is they will love this gift!  

Avocado Tree Growing Kit

432 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

Oh, the love of millennials for Avocado. 

Well, guess what! You can plant your own (or you can make her plant for both of you)!

There are lots you can do with Avocado like a face mask, a dessert, guac and most importantly Avocado toast! 

I can’t see how gifting this can go wrong.

Red Silk Rose in Glass Dome

118 Ratings (3.9 out 5)

Beauty and the Beast.

I am not saying you are lucky to have a beautiful girl even if you look like beast. What I am saying is this Beauty and the Beast inspired Rose in a Glass dome is romantic in many level, so go and gift it to her. 


Cheap (but Romantic) Valentine's Gift for Women Who Appreciate Meaningful Moments

Our Moments Couples

1384 Ratings (4.6 out 5)

The secret of a good and lasting relationship is maintaining quality and consistent communication. Now, communicating with one another might comes naturally to some couples, but might be a struggle for others. 

Gift Our Moments for Couples if you are striving to have better communication with one another. The game will help you start and maintain a meaningful conversation and it is also portable so you can bring it wherever and whenever you go on a date.

What I Love About You By Me

3632 Ratings (4.5 out 5)

This is one of the sweetest thing a guy can do for her girlfriend or wife; list all the things you love about her. 

Shower her with your appreciation and love and I can guarantee you that she will reciprocate it. 


The 5 Love Language for Couples

14 733 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

Have you tried talking to a person who speaks a language that you don’t understand?

How is the experience? Frustrating or fun?

If you are having a hard time communicating your love with each other, then maybe that is because you and she don’t speak the same love language. 

Love language what? There are 5 love languages: words of affirmation, touch, quality time, service, and gift-giving. If you have no idea what these are then please gift this book to better your relationship.  

The Big Activity Book For Couples

257 Ratings (4.3 out 5)

I remember I always beg my mom to buy me activity books when I was young. I also remember it was fun doing it with my classmates. 

If you can relate, then I suggest that you gift this activity book and do it with your partner. This is a great way to build that connection while having fun like good ole’ days. 

Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

1365 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

By now, you understand that communication is one important activity that will help you keep your relationship but how can you make sure you will never run out of meaningful conversation ideas?

Well, the Q&A a Day 3 Year Journal for 2 will help you with that. 

The journal provides questions that both of you will answer. Of course, since this is a journal, you can come back and remember your promises, plans, and even struggles. 

Questions found in the journal can be about addressing the relationship, “Where would you like to travel with your partner?”, or maybe asking you to write about each other like, “What does your partner’s laugh sound like?. There are also questions directed only to each of you. For example, What is your top priority today?”