Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? The short answer is yes, Wealthy Affiliate Does Really Work but it depends how much work you are willing to put into it.

In this article, I will explain the following:

  • What is Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate All About?
  • How Does Wealthy Affiliate Make Money?
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money?
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate for You?

Hopefully, after answering these questions would help you decide for yourself if Wealthy Affiliate Does Work.

Personally, I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now and all I can tell you from my experience is Wealthy Affiliate is Worth It. This is not an exaggeration nor a sales pitch, but I got a ton of value from the platform and from the community!

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What is Wealthy Affiliate All About?

Wealthy Affiliate(WA) in a nutshell is a step-by-step affiliate marketing training platform, an affiliate network, a website hosting provider, a domain registrar, a website builder, and a social media for affiliate marketers.

On top of these services, WA also offers a very generous affiliate program – ($24.50 per month, recurring or $175 per year, recurring for its premium members)

wealthy affiliate affiliate program

You are probably thinking,

“Earn Revenue by Referring People… Isn’t that MLM?”

The answer is no. Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM, rather, it uses an affiliate marketing model.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Make Money?

Wealthy Affiliate makes money by charging its premium members a monthly subscription fee.  

The fee ranges from $49 per month for monthly subscribers, but if members opt-in for a yearly membership then that goes down to $29 per month (plus tax depending on what country you are in).

Things get even better. WA usually have a Black Friday sale which reduces monthly fee to $24!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money?

For $24/month you are getting the following

  1. Helpful and wonderful community to aid you with almost anything (I am not exaggerating here. Create a FREE account to see what I am talking about)
  2. 24/7 support to find solutions to  your technical problems
  3. Access to hundreds of hours of Affiliate Marketing Training to help you get started with blogging/ affiliate marketing
  4. Access to thousands of user-generated contents and pieces of training to learn from other people’s experience
  5. Live weekly training to keep you up-to-date with changes in blogging and affiliate marketing trend
  6. Domain Names for only $15 + free domain e-mail to personalize your business website and email
  7. Free WordPress premium themes to let you customize your website in any way you like
  8. Free WordPress website builder to get you started with your website even if you do not have prior website coding experience
  9. Access to Keyword Tool software to provide you with the best keywords to use to rank high on Google
  10. Hosts up to 25 of your websites to save you money especially if you have multiple sites
  11. The affiliate network that curates the best affiliate programs out there to make it easier for you to find affiliate programs for your blog and niche
  12. Generous and lucrative affiliate program to create a profitable online business
  13. I will personally mentor you to coach and guide you to success!

Okay, I don’t know if you are getting this but in case you don’t then let me tell you, Yes! Wealthy Affiliate is Worth the Money!

Is Wealthy Affiliate for you?

I’m guessing you are reading this blog because $49 a month $49/month or $349/year ($29/month if yearly subscription)  is a big investment and you are making sure you are not just getting scammed… 

Well technically, if you are starting a $24000 – $60000 online business then a $349 to $588 a year investment is pretty small

Now, let me be clear. Starting a $24000 to $60000 online business takes time, energy, resources. It doesn’t happen overnight.

It won’t become a reality if you are only working 4 hours a week [well, it can become a reality at that pace but it will take a  lot longer]. I also haven’t heard any companies that starts harvesting fruits without having to buy seeds to plant and grow.

Alright, back to the question!

Is Wealthy Affiliate for you?

It is for you if…
  • are looking for a reliable step-by-step affiliate training
  • need a like-minded community for support, encouragement, and coaching
  • need a one-stop-site for blogging needs
  • are willing to take the training and apply it to the tee
  • are ready to put a lot of effort especially at the start
  • have a strong will and determination to succeed
It is NOT for you if…
  • are looking for a shortcut to become rich
  • are not willing to study and apply the training
  • can’t stand up after failing
  • are not willing to invest in yourself
  • are impatient

Ei, sorry if it is a bit harsh but if you know you are the second person then please don’t waste your time trying out WA because it will not work out then you’ll end up feeling cheated or scammed.

Actually, if you are that person then starting an online business and having a successful work-at-home gig would be impossible.

I’ll tell you this though. Learning a new skill has nothing to do with genetics or “this is how you are made” kind of thing.

A skill, such as blogging and affiliate marketing, can be learned and can be improved over time. Just check out my earlier blogs to see how crappy they are but I am confident that the more I do it, the better it becomes.

My point is don’t back down to this challenge. Do not let your past label dictate your future. Maybe you failed in the past and now you believe you will fail again. Maybe people gave you a negative label and now you believe in those labels.

I just want to encourage you that you are not what people say you are. You are greater than that!

Bottom line. You will succeed if you put your mind into something!

Does Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work?

In this article, I presented to you how much a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership cost and what are the things you can get from it.

I believe that WA does provide you all the tools, community, and knowledge you need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

WA is also generous with their affiliate program. It is very rare for an affiliate program to give a recurring affiliate commission.

Another proof that WA works is from the members themselves. Every month, members share their earnings from WA. Some of them make $200 per month, most make $1000 to $2500 and of course, there are exceptional performers who can make upwards of $10000.

However, don’t be fooled. This guys and girls wrote a lot of articles and it took them more than 2 years to get to this point.

In reality, this is really what you should expect if you are going to blogging and affiliate business.

Remember, it is not only you who have thought of blogging for income. There are others who have hundreds of employees. There are those who have been in the business for decades. While others are really determined to make money online so they do their work seriously.

I am not trying to scare you, but at the same time, I don’t want to give you false hope. I don’t want you to count the chicken before the egg hatches.

But if you are up to it, then I will help you succeed.

 What are you waiting for? Click the link below to start your blogging career with WA and me.  

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