Dreamhost Review

Dreamhost is among the most well-established independently possessed hosting corporations today. They provide a wide variety of packages for all kinds of sites, including some feature-packed and affordable WordPress focused strategies. Dreamhost provides facilities that satisfy your business- and personal-related web hosting needs. Additionally, Dreamhost’s site stands at the frontline of the pack with Liquid Web, Hostwinds, and HostGator as the all-around Editors’ option picks.

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Exceptional features of Dreamhost website hosting

Generally, Dreamhost website hosting is a high-quality website hosting service that is safe, has relatively good client support and good uptime. Let us dive deeper into each of these Dreamhost’s features:


Dreamhost offers you SSL certificates, SSH key fingerprints, IP-based limitations to control panel, and enhanced user safety protocols to offer your account security. Dreamhost also promises to utilize various systems working on the latest patches to offer security for their web servers. They were hacked in 2012, and quite a number of their accounts were compromised.

They requested their clients to change passcodes and monitor their accounts for any questionable actions. Nevertheless, they reassured their clients that they had taken protective measures to ensure that the same issue does not happen in the future.

Client support

Dreamhost offers a variety of choices to get assistance from their group of professionals. Customers can access their Wiki facility that offers information on all their practical documentation. You can find valuable instructions and information on how to deal with different technical issues that may possibly occur.

Clients can also get help from their major webpages that contain various subpages that hold information on solving common problems that most customers come across as they use their facilities.


Dreamhost offers 100 percent assured uptime. According to the clients’ review, their uptime is nearly 99.99 percent, which is extremely impressive. Most web hosting corporations promise to offer 100 percent uptime, but they do not fulfill.

Nevertheless, this is not the same as Dreamhost. They provide you with reliable uptime ensuring that your site is often online. This assists in improving conversions and ranking your site.


They also have an incredible server speed, making it easier to download and upload files to your website. Perfect server speed is not only beneficial for enhancing your traffic but also helps to improve your SEO, therefore enhancing your website ranking.

Pros Of Using Dreamhost

  1. Dreamhost offers you a variety of choices to get assistance from their group of professionals
  2. It is a repossessed web hosting corporation with over 400,000 clients and hosts nearly 1.5 million websites.
  3. It offers 100 percent assured uptime that assists in improving conversions and improving the SEO ranking.
  4. Signing up for Dreamhost is free and does not need any skills.
  5. Provides you several features to meet both business and personal website hosting requirements
  6. It gives you SSL certificates, SSH key fingerprints, IP based limitations to the control panel, and improved client security protocols to offer security to your account.

Cons of Using Dreamhost

  1. It only allows you to host one domain per account.
  2. It has a custom control panel that can be complicated for individuals who have ever used cPanel.

Final Thoughts

Dreamhost is a consistent website hosting corporation that has been in the hosting industry for a couple of years. They provide you with a variety of features and web hosting plans which guarantee you a strategy that best suits your hosting requirements.

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