How Do You Do Search Engine Optimization?

Blogging can be a good source of income 

Many of us are looking for a stable and legitimate way to make money online only to be betrayed by online marketers selling us their “make x amount of money in x amount of days” marketing schemes.

Well, today, let me share to you that blogging is a legit way to make money online. I will also share with you what is the first and most important steps to succeed in blogging

Bloggers can generate income through affiliate links, Google ads, selling your own merchandise, promoting a product, etc.  You can check my article on, “(Insert Title)” to learn how bloggers make money from blogging. However, in order for a blog site to generate an income, it must be first be seen by the right audience.

Blogging for income is not a quick-rich scheme! Set your expectations right!

Although, blogging is a stable and legitimate way to generate additional or it can even replace a primary income, starting one has a lot of challenges and the biggest hurdle to cross as a beginner is to improve domain strength.

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Understanding Domain Strength

What is domain strength?

Domain strength according to is, 

a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pagers (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher schores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Why is domain strength important?

Improving the overall domain strength is important since the higher it is, the easier for an individual blog post get ranked on Google, Bing and/or Yahoo’s search engine result page (SERP).

Every blogger’s goal (aside from adding value to the lives of their readers, first and foremost) is to ensure that their blog articles land on the first page of SERP because according to a study made, about 92% of traffic goes to pages that lands on the first page!

What does this mean is if a page lands on the first page, then more readers will view the blog post. The more people read a blog post, the higher the conversion rate. In simple words, the chance of selling product/s and/or service/s is higher if a blog post is in the first page.

How to improve domain strength?

Improving the domain strength of a website is straight forward but tedious. In order to increase the domain strength, a high-quality SEO-friendly article must be posted on a consistent basis.

There are other ways to improve domain strength such as the amount and quality of backlinks a domain has, readers engagement, social media presence, type of contents being posted, e.i. articles, image, video, etc.

In this article, we will focusing on high-quality SEO-friendly articles because this is the building blocks of

What is Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)?

Search Engine Land defines search engine optimization/SEO as,

the process of getting traffic from the “gree,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines

What does that mean?

The world wide web is such wonderful technology. It is being used to search about anything and everything. It changed how people gain knowledge, purchase things, get entertained, etc.

Normally, there are two ways to search the information that we want. We can either type in the web address or URL of the site/page that we are interested in or we can use either Google, Yahoo, or Bing (search engines) to find the information that we need.

Using Google to find a site that contains the information being looked after means typing words (also known as keywords) on search engine bar that best describes the information being searched.

After keywords are entered, the search engine will show the results on their SERP. Notice that there are hundreds of pages of results that will show up in SERP. In addition to, there are about 8 to 10 sites/pages that are related to the keyword that we type for each page.

It is important to understand that the results that are shown on each page of SERPs are not arranged in a random sequence rather the results are actually ranked. In addition to, search engines show two types of result on their SERPS: paid result and organic result.

Paid result is usually on top of SERP because the owner/s of the site/page paid Google, Yahoo and/or Bing to advertise it. Another way to know whether a search result is paid or not is by looking for an “Ad” icon right beside the URL.

On the other hand, organic results are search results that show up below paid results and they do not have an “Ad” icon right beside it. Owner/s of these sites/pages did not pay Google, Yahoo, and/or Bing to advertise their sites/pages, instead, they use the search engine optimization on their articles to get ranked on the first page.

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success?

As explained earlier, using SEO will help a page get ranked high on a search engine and it will help to increase overall domain strength. As the overall domain strength increases, the chance of an individual page getting ranked on the first page also increases. Being on the first page is desired because it is a free traffic and more traffic means a higher potential to make more money!

How Do You Do SEO For A Website?

Think of an SEO as a  firewood and a website as a bonfire.

In order to have a good-smelling, smokeless bonfire, then the right firewood must be used. In addition to, the bonfire needs to consistently be fed with the right type and amount of firewood for it to burn perfectly. Consequently, a good quality bonfire will attract campers.

This is also true when writing SEO-friendly articles. As as a search-engine-optimized article is constantly published, the more attractive a website becomes to Google, Bing or Yahoo. If these search engines deemed a website as legitimate and relevant, then they will start telling their followers to visit that site.

How to know if right firewood is being used?

Writing an SEO friendly blog is really easy. Here are some of the list to help you ensure the articles your are writing are search engine optimized.

  1. Use the right keyword or set of keywords on your title, heading, and sub-headings
  2. Encourage reader’s participation
  3. Write articles that are 1000 to 1500 words in length
  4. Post images and videos – especially videos!! If you have no problem showing your face on the camera or at least do voice over videos
  5. Optimize your articles using SEO plug-ins such as Yoast and All-In-One-SEO pack

What is a keyword and do I just use random keywords?

A keyword (one word) or a long tail keyword (two or more words) are word/s that people type in when they are looking for something or someone in the internet, as explained earlier. That being said, another job of bloggers is to guess what are those keyword/s and use those in their title, headings, and sub-headings so search engines will show their article to people.

How to come up with the right keywords?

SEO Tools like Jaxxy can be of great help!

Jaaxy is very simple to use. Just type in keywords on the search bar hit enter and that is it! Jaaxy will show the average monthly searches, average monthly visitor, the number of websites competing for the keyword and the SEO score.


Try Jaaxy’s FREE starter for free today and find the keyword you can use on your blog.

Want To Learn More About Keyword Research?

That is basically it for me in terms of how to do SEO on a website. However, if you have more questions or need more information about this topic, then I would advise that you check out Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one blogging service that offers training and support as well as a website builder, website hosting and domain registrar.

The video below is from Wealthy Affiliate and they teaches how to do Keyword Research!


I hope this article gave you a good introduction on SEO or cleared up some questions you have about the subject.

If you have any questions, please ask! I am happy to answer your questions!

Let me hear some feedback as well if I missed something or I said something you think is not correct!

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