How To Add Amazon Affiliate Link

How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links On Pinterest

Learn How To Add Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest today and earn affiliate commission from Amazon without having to write a blog!

Hi Wealth Builders!

Today, I will teach you How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest. I will also answer the questions below which I think are important questions to be answered in relations to the use of Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest.

These questions are:

  • Why Use Pinterest to advertise Amazon Affiliate links?
  • Why Use Amazon Affiliate Program?
  • Can you use Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest?
  • Does Pinterest allows the use of affiliate links?

Why Use Pinterest to advertise Amazon Affiliate Links?

It is because Pinterest users are proactive shoppers. In other words, Pinterest users use Pinterest to search for DIY ideas then they use Pinterest to research the items that they would need to complete their DIY ideas. Finally, they will also use Pinterest to buy the best item that they would use to realize their DIY ideas.

If you still don’t follow what’s the benefit of using Pitnerest to advertise your Amazon Affiliate Links, then just know that you have a better chance to make money on Pinterest.

Why Use Amazon Affiliate Program?

This one is an easy answer. The reason why you should use Amazon Affiliate Program is because Amazon is the biggest e-commerce site as of today. In other words, whatever niche your business is in, Amazon has a merchandise to sell, therefore, you will have a way to monetize your content.

Visit my blog, “How To Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing” if you are interested in creating an Amazon Affiliate Account and start your very own Amazon Affiliate Business.

Can You Use Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest?

The answer is conflicting, but as per my discussion with Amazon Customer Rep, you can use Amazon Associates affiliate links on Pinterest provided that you follow their rules and guidelines.

Amazon Associate’s Affiliate Link Requirements

1. You need to own a blog

2. Register your blog to your Amazon Associates account

One thing you need to do is to add your Pinterest Account URL in your Amazon Associate’s “site lists”

How To Add Your Pinterest Business Account to Amazon Associates

3. Register your Pinterest Account to your Amazon Associates account!

4. Do not use link shorteners, use the link provided by Amazon’s Site Stripe

5. Do not download or screenshot Amazon’s product images.

6. Make sure your Amazon affiliate pin is a No-Pin

Just to be on the safe side, please email Amazon to confirm for yourself!


  1. Can I Post Amazon Affiliate Links to Pinterest?
  2. Can You Use Amazon Affiliate Links On Pinterest?

Does Pinterest Allow Affiliate Links?

This one is easy and the answer is YES!

There was a point when Pinterest banned affiliate links because people misused it, but that was a long time ago. Today, they have a more sophisticated anti-spam software that filters spammers and that is why they are allowing affiliate links again.

Just always remember to disclose if your Pin is an Affiliate Link!

Now that we have a go signal on using Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest, the next question that needs to be answered is How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest?

How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links On Pinterest?

In this section, I will show you how to create Pin with Amazon affiliate link. 

Step 1: Click the “plus” button on the upper right of your Pinterest account or the “create a pin” under your profile picture.


Step 2: Fill in the blanks

Section A: Post the picture of the product you are trying to sell from Amazon

Some people directly download the product image from Amazon, upload it on Pinterest and call it a day. If you are doing this, STOP! This is a violation of “Associate Program Policies and Operating Agreement”

What you should do is to find an image of the product and use Canva to create a unique visual content to showcase the product.

Pro Tip: Find and use images where the product is being used to help shoppers imagine how they will be going to use it

Section B: Insert product name

Make sure to use the main keyword/s for the product you are trying to sell in your pin’s title so the people looking for it can buy it.

For example,

Say, you are trying to sell “The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss“. What I would advice you to do is to make sure that the entire tile of the book plus the author’s name is included in your pin’s title. Alternatively, you may also type the book title plus the author’s name in Pinterest’s search bar and see what others type in their title.

Pro Tip: Make sure to write the most relevant keyword related to the product you are selling first then work your way down the hierarchy. The product name, brand name, author’s name, etc should always be in the tile.

Section C: Write product description

You will need to include secondary keyword/s that are related to the product in the product description to better the chance of your pin being searched.

In our example, the secondary keyword/s could be the ISBN number, the catchphrase of the book, the edition, etc. In other words, secondary keywords are any keywords that shoppers might use to find the book.

WARNING: You MUST disclose that you are using an affiliate link because it is required by law. In addition, you don’t want to mislead your reader.

Section D: Inert your Amazon Affiliate Link

The most important part of this tutorial; adding your Amazon Affiliate Link to your Pin! You have to insert your Amazon Affiliate Link in the destination link or else your pin will go nowhere, and your leads will go somewhere else to buy the item.

I am assuming that you have an Amazon Associate account and you know how to retrieve your affiliate link, so I will go ahead and skip all those.

In case this is the first time you heard about Amazon Associates and need help in signing up or retrieving your affiliate link, don’t worry! I got you covered. I have articles on how to sign up for Amazon Associates and how to retrieve your Amazon Affiliate link to help you.

Done! You now just created your Amazon Affiliate Link

Questions, Suggestions, Feedback?

That’s it! Hopefully, this article helped taught you how to add Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest.

I guess the hardest part of this make money online strategy is making sure you are complying with all the policies, but the strategy itself is pretty straight forward: find product, create a pin, insert your affiliate link, and make sure you make your pin into a “no-pin”.

Those are the steps that I know to properly create Pin an Amazon affiliate link. If I missed something please let me know in the comment section. Likewise, please let me know in the comment section your questions if you have a one.

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8 thoughts on “How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links On Pinterest”

  1. I wish I’d come to appreciate Pinterest earlier, but it never seemed to appeal to me before. Nowadays, I’m hearing about all these affiliate marketers having all sorts of success, due to their Pinterest accounts. I must confess that I still didn’t know exactly how it was they were using them until I read this article. No wonder they love it so much, lol! I am seriously going to have to do something with this, because it seems to easy to pass up. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Mark,

      It is never too late! To be honest, it’s only been a few weeks since I am ramping up my Pinterest activities and so far it is going on a very positive direction!

      Amassing followers is easy and getting people to see your Pins is straight forward. I guess the only tricky part is making sure the right people see your pins so you will get engagement and hopefully conversion. Other than that, it feels like Pinterest should be illegal!

      Anyways, I don’t know how much you know about Pinterest, but I have curated ideas on how to use Pinterest for business which I hope will help you jump-start your Pinterest journey. Also, if you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, I have that one too! Just let me know if you have any more questions and I will do my best to help you out!



  2. Oh… I never thought of doing affiliate marketing with Pinterest up until this moment. I’m an affiliate marketer myself, so the tips in your guide really helped me understand this opportunity in more depth.

    I thought at first that I should be careful with posting affiliate links because my social accounts might get banned. But as it turns out, Pinterest has gotten smarter with detecting spam, so no need for them to issue a total ban anymore. Honestly though, I’m still partly scared of the risks I might do to my account. I might have to research a little bit more to gain some confidence on the platform.

    Then I’ll consider going to back to Pinterest to try my luck.

    • Hi Dominic,

      Yes, I agree. Growing your Pinterest account is already hard so I know it is better to be on the safe side.

      I believe that if you message the Amazon Support Team and ask the question, then they will not hesitate to give you a concrete answer as well to clarify your questions.

      If you decided to use Pinterest to share Amazon Affiliate Links, please make sure you added your Blog URL and your Pinterest URL on your “site list” in Amazon Associates.

      Here is a safer bet though. You can definitely use Pinterest for eBay affiliate marketing. How do I know? eBay affiliate has a “share to Pinterest” button. 😉



  3. Hi John,

    Thank you for sharing this great step on how to add Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest! This will save me a great deal of time. All the while, l use to write a product review page and pin it on my Pinterest Business Account. Now l can just pin any Amazon Product affiliate link directly to Pinterest without writing any review.

    I will give it a try!

    Best wishes 

    • Hi Zayn,

      I agree, but if you have time to write product reviews then please continue doing it because not you get nice traffic to your website plus you increase your chances for your affiliate link to convert.

      In your case, maybe create 3 or more pins per review article you make or create a pin for each item you review in your article. So if you are reviewing 10 items then have 10 different pins directing to the same article.

      Maybe, you can also pin the items you want to review in the future then once you finish writing your review, put your article URL in the description to get a nice traffic as well.

      Hope those helps!


    • Hi,

      I am glad you like the article.

      Which part do you like the most? Is the article clear or do you have questions?



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