How to Develop Yourself?

A lot of people want to achieve or improve on something. According to Market, the self-help is a $9.9 billion industry. The fact that you are subscribed to this blog means that you want to become someone greater than who you are right now.

I can’t deny the fact that I am one of those self-development junkies. I love buying leadership and growth/development books. I have a subscription on Scribed, an all-you-can-read/listen to books/ebook app. I am enrolled in udemy and at Shaw Academy both of which offers online courses.

Do you know that self-awareness exercise where participants get asked, “what is the one thing you can’t live without”? What is yours? I know for most, their answer would be their phones, or laptop, etc. For me, I think “Personal Growth and Development” is the one thing I can’t live without.

Why it is good to invest in yourself?

Investing on yourself means you will gain skill, knowledge, wisdom, and experience that nobody can steal from you. These skills are also transferable; meaning you can apply it from one area of your life to another, or from one job to your next. Your success is not dependent on the economy, timing or luck. You may fail in one business but that is a good thing for you because you know failure is an important part of success. You can easily get up, apply what you have learned from a previous failure then apply what you have learned to your next venture. This is not an easy task for most but you can because you have a mindset of growing and developing yourself.

Where to Start?

Discover the “Whys of Life”: Knowing It Will Spark Your Passion and Purpose That Will Help You Keep Moving Forward

I believe the first area where you can start is knowing the “whys of your life.  You should be able to answer “why do you want to do what you do”. You should be able to identify what activities you do makes you “alive”.

By knowing the “whys of life” you will be able to identify what or where to focus your energy. When doing something it is important to do what you love to do because that is what will fuel you to keep pushing forward especially when things get though. Another important thing is it is not enough to do what you love to do, but equally important, you need to have the ability to do these things.

Having a Heart on Something is Not Enough. You Should be Able to Do it As Well.

Have you watched “American Idol”? A lot of participants has a passion to sing, however not all of them can sing. When a person who has no talent in singing joins a singing competition, then everything is an uphill battle. But imagine if those who cannot sing are also good at customer service and deep inside they enjoy serving other people. Where do you think they should invest their energy and resources? In singing or in customer service?

Likewise, identify activities that you are both passionate and have the ability to do it when discovering the whys of life.

The “I don’t Know My Passion and I Don’t Have a Talent” is a Lazy excuse

I don’t want to offend you my friend, but the I” don’t know my passion and I don’t have talent” statement is just a lazy excuse.

I believe that everyone was born with a purpose and consequently equipped with skills and talents to successfully pursue their purpose. It is really just a matter of having the courage to try new things out and be confident in yourself. When you say I don’t have a talent, that is basically saying I don’t believe in myself. In this case, I want you to snap out from this self-defeating negative though.

Find A Mentor: They  Will Help You Develop Your Skills and Give You Great Pieces of Advice How to Overcome Problems

Once you identify your passion and skill/talent, then the next thing you need to do is to find a mentor. Note that having a skill and talent does not mean you are able to do things perfectly. That is a Hollywood plot, but the truth of the matter is skills and talent are develop continuously over a long period of time.

Mentor is defined by as “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher” or “an influential senior sponsor or supporter”.

In other words, a mentor is someone who has more experience in the field that you are pursuing. Age should not be a factor when choosing a mentor. Sometimes a person who is five years younger than you may know a lot about the field you are interested in. If that is the case, you should put your ego aside. One important characteristic of a successful learner is to be able to be humble themselves so they can be teachable.

What if I Don’t Know Someone Who Has a Lot of Experience in the Field That I Want to Pursue?

If this is the case, then worry not. You can refer to a virtual mentor. This type of mentorship can be in the form of books, online classes, or follow a leadership expert online coach. You can still develop your skills and hone your strategies by using these forms although a human mentorship is much better since you can directly ask and opened up your mentor.

Set a Clear Personal Vision: It Will Enable You to Effectively and Efficiently Use Your Limited Resources

According to Bill Hybels, vision is a picture of the future that creates passion in people. Having a clear personal vision will accelerate your growth and development because it will help you identify what are important things that will help you reach your end goals.

Once you are really sure of who you are, what your skills/talents are, and what your passion is then you need to develop a personal vision. Remember that vision is the picture of the future. Having this will help you determine what your next step will be. Personal vision will help you where to allocate your time and resources to the things that will contribute towards achieving your goal more effectively and efficiently.


You Will Never Go To A Vacation Without Planning, So Why Would You Not Plan For Your Life

Have you tried going for a vacation without planning? Maybe if you are just going out of town, then it could work. However, you would not risk thousands of dollars for a vacation that you don’t know where to go, you don’t know how to get there or you don’t even know what kind of vacation you will have.

Why You Plan YOur Vacation?

You plan your vacation because your money is limited! You cannot afford to indiscriminately spend it. In addition to, you only have a limited vacation time so you want to use it wisely.

But Isn’t Life the Same Thing?

We know life is short, but for some reason, we love the saying, “go with the flow”. I honestly hate that saying. If we have one chance to do our mark while we are alive, why would we let others dictates where we should go? I believe that we should “create the flow” instead of just following others’ flow.

What Now?

Knowing the whys of life is like knowing what kind of vacation you want. Once you know that you will need an address of the map and address of the vacation spot. This is like asking a mentor to give you feedback and suggestions on how to get to your goal. Finally, your personal vision will act as your GPS. It will give you step by step directions to help you reach your destination. In addition to, when you make a mistake, your vision will ask you to “recalculate” so you can go back towards the direction of your goal.




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