How To Get Traffic On Pinterest

Getting Traffic On Pinterest is a must especially if you are a business owner because you can easily redirect your Pinterest traffic to your online business website or blog site.

That means you can potentially get thousands of visitors to your site even if you just built your website and don’t have a domain authority yet. In this article, I will teach you how to Get Traffic on Pinterest!

Hello Wealthbuilders!

This article will 

  • shows you the importance of Pinterest traffic to your business
  • teaches you how to optimize your username, Boards on Pinterest and Pins on Pinterest so you will rank high 
  • introduce you to a tool that will automate your Pinterest marketing strategy

What is Pinterest and Why You Should Use it?

In my article, “What is Pinterest Used“, I mentioned that many people used Pinterest because of the following: 

  1. Pinterest is growing and it is growing fast
  2. Pinterest users are proactive shoppers 
  3. Transaction completion happens at or influenced by Pinterest 

The key take-way here is people use Pinterest to search for ideas on what project they will do or what products they will buy next. If you are able to reach out to these people, then you have a higher chance to complete a transaction.

Benefits of Pinterest to Your Business 

I already mentioned that having a Pinterest for Business Account will help you boost your website/ blog site traffic, therefore, increasing your profit.

Now, let me tell you the additional benefits of Pinterest. 

1. Content creation is easier to manage 

You can either create your Pin (recommended) or you can also re-Pin other Pins if you have not the time or no content to share 

2. Content lives longer

Contents on Twitter probably last 20 mins before it is forgotten. Facebook and Instagram would probably last a couple of hours longer, but Pinterest can last for several months.

3. Pinterest Content has a higher potential to go viral 

Attractive Stock Photo + Proper Keyword + State the Benefit or Value = Viral 

This is what happened to one of my Pin! This Pin has over 15k impressions and 160+ link clicks.


That is huge because, at that time, my monthly website visitor is only about 200. This Pin alone brought in almost 100% additional visitor to my site!

Okay. There are a lot more benefits for using Pinterest for Business to Market your Business, but let me teach you now how to Get Traffic On Pinterest. 

How to Get Traffic on Pinterest?

One thing about Pinterest is it is not your typical social media where you create content and hope for the best. 

What is great about Pinterest is it is also a search engine.

Pinterest being a search engine means you need to use keywords to be found by the right people. To rank high on Pinterest, you need to include niche-related keywords to your user name, Pinterest Boards, and Pinterest Pin title and description. 

Why Do You Want to Get Traffic on Pinterest?

Every consumer goes through a sales funnel when purchasing.

Shaw Academy Sales Funnel

In the infographic above, we see that the first stage of Sales Funnel is Awareness. During this stage, a consumer gets to know a company or a product, and the chance of a consumer buying at this stage is very low. Companies call the people in this stage “leads”.

The next step for companies is to create Ads or content for their leads designed to pique their interest. Once their leads are on the hook, they will continue to develop and nurture their relationship with them. Finally, they will make a pitch or make a call to action for their leads to take the next step and buy the product a company is selling.

Building and nurturing a sales funnel is a lot of hard work and can become very costly. The reason why I am sharing this to use is Pinterest users are typically at the end of a sales funnel. In other words, you skip the awareness and decision phase.

Usually, Pinterest users are already decided to buy a product and they are now actively searching for it.

Still don’t get what I’m talking about?

Compare your behavior on Instagram or Facebook vs. Pinterest. 

On Instagram or Facebook, you consume content passively. Your main goal of using these social media is to socialize and not to find something to buy.

Now, Facebook captures your browsing history then uses that data to personalize the ads they would show you hoping that it might interest you and click on the ads.  

If you like the ad, you will probably be going to LIKE the page. Once you like the page, you will start getting “helpful” content from the business page. Sooner or later, you will come across content that would make it irresistible for you not to buy the product.

Contrast that to Pinterest! You probably always go to Pinterest’s “search bar” and type in specific keywords/topics that interest you.

Where to Add Keywords on Pinterest?

There are three places to add keywords on Pinterest.

  1. Username (after your business name)
  2. Boards
  3. Pins
Pinterest Username Ideas 

Let us start with Username Ideas because this is the face of your Pinterest account (hopefully, your account is Pinterest for Business).

For your Pinterest username, what you need to include is the name of your business + niche-related keywords or in other words, what is the market category your business is in or what does your business do.  

For example,

My online business/blog name is “Wealth-Builder Tips” and my blog niche is home-based/ online business, digital marketing, and personal finance so I tried to capture all of those in my Pinterest username; WealthBuilderTips – Marketing, Make Money at Home, eBay selling. 

Please be aware that there is a username character limit of 3 to 30 character, so you need to include keywords that you think has the highest probability that will be searched. 

Now don’t worry if you do not know what keyword to add because I will teach that later. (Scroll Down if you can’t wait :P)

That’s it. People interested in your niche will now be able to find you when they use a niche-related keyword on Pinterest because you have a niche-related keyword on your username,

Create Boards For Pinterest 

The next step is to create Pinterest Boards and like what you did with your username, you would need to ensure that the title of each of your board has niche-related keywords on it. 

How to Create Boards on Pinterest?

1. Click the Board Dial from Your Account Page 

2. Click Add Board 

3. Add a Title 

Note: When creating a new board, it is a good practice that you make the board “secret” until you added about 20 Pins because you will look spammy if you added 20 Pins on one board in one sitting.

4. Add a Description on Your Board 

Include secondary/ niche-related keywords on your board description

You should also include a supporting keyword on your description. 

Remember! When adding a title on your board, make sure to research the keywords you will use on your board. Refer to the instructions below, “How to Find Keywords on Pinterest?”

Create Pins For Pinterest 

Creating and posting Pinterest Pins regularly is an important step to increase your “monthly impressions”. You want to increase your monthly impressions because the higher it is the higher your engagement will be.

In addition, more people will see your Pinterest account so your follower list will grow as well.  

When creating a Pinterest Pin, you should remember to do the following:

  1. Include Niche-Related Primary Keywords in the Title 
  2. Include Niche-Related Secondary Keywords on the Description 
  3. Your website/blog URL on the Destination URL 
  4. High-Quality Stock Image 
  5. State the Benefit or Value Of Your Content for Your Readers

It is recommended that you post at least 50 Pins per day but spread throughout the day. But, who really has time for that?

Luckily, there is Tailwind.

Tailwind will automatically post your Pins and Re-Pins on a set time of the day.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

How To Create A Pin on Pinterest 

Creating a Pin on Pinterest is really straight forward. All you need to do are the following

1. Click the “plus” button or “Create Pin” button


2. Fill-Out the blanks



Please stay within your niche. You will rank higher on Pinterest if your Boards and the Pins in it are all related!

Do not confuse the Pinterest algorithm (and your followers) by creating many unrelated boards containing unrelated Pins in your Pinterest account.

For Example,

I created a board on Affiliate Marketing since my blog niche is home-based/ online business. I then made sure that the Pins saved on my boards are Affiliate Marketing

So the result is below!

Anyone typing Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners will see my board (last of 2nd row).

This means I get a higher chance to get followed.

How to Find Keywords on Pinterest?

1. Go To Pinterest search bar

You can find the search bar at the top of your Pinterst homepage

2. Type your primary niche-related keyword on the search bar

3. Choose and add suggested word to your primary niche-related keyword to create a list of secondary keywords

Optional: Find other Pinterest for Business users that are similar to yours and observe what keywords they use 

Believe it or not, but one of the best ways to improve your Pinterest marketing skills is to study your competition.

Note how they use the keywords, observe how many followers they have, see if they rank high on Pinterest search result page etc.

Remember! If they have lots of followers, then they might be doing something right. Investigate what are those and adapt it to your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Key Take Away

The key takeaway here is you need to fill your Business account with keywords that are suggested by Pinterest Search Result Page if you want to rank high on Pinterest. 

Then remember to put those keywords into your username, Board, and Pins. 

Finally, do not try to reinvent the wheels. You are not the first one to use Pinterest to market personal business, so observe how others do their Pinterest marketing.

Find successful Pinterest users, see what makes them successful and try to recreate their strategy.

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