How To Make Money In Between Jobs?

How To Make Money In Between Jobs?

Unexpected things can happen, and if that unexpected thing is losing your job, then you need to act fast! Hopefully, you had an emergency fund set up to cover your expenses. However, if you don’t have one or it is not enough, here is a tip on How to Make Money In Between Jobs!

Hello Wealth Builders,

Today, my goal is to provide you ideas On How To Make Money in Between Jobs!

Below is the list of things you can do:

  1. Take jobs on Fiver and other online freelance marketplaces
  2. Buy from a flea market and sell on eBay
  3. Work for a ride-sharing or food delivery work app
  4. Become a Blogger or Vlogger
  5. Create and sell online courses
  6. Start a fulfilled by Amazon Business

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How To Make Money in Between Jobs

Take Jobs on Fiver and Other Online Marketplace for Freelancer

I place this on the top of the list because it is the easiest and fastest way to make money online. You can instantly start working as an online freelancer and make money especially if you have technical skills that you can use to help others.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr, is an online marketplace where freelancers can offer their services/skills to help people who require their service.

Alternative to Fiverr

Some of the known names are:


Envato Studio



How to Make Money on Fiverr?

1. Sign Up for Free

2. Set up your Gig/ Profile

3. Post what job you can do for Fiverr users

4. Wait for Fiverr to connect you to a client

5. Discuss the details of your work to your clients

6. Complete the job

7. Get Paid

Who is Fiverr For?
  • It is for those who already have technical skills who are willing to help others or those who are willing to learn a new skill
  • People who are willing to acquire new skills so they can help others
  • Those who are able to provide good customer service
Why make money on Fiverr?
  • Easy to get start a Fiverr Freelance Business
  • Acquire customers and make money immediately 
  • Give yourself a raise anytime. Fiverr claims price range of each work is between $5 -$10000
Challenges to expect
  • Low pay in the beginning (unless you really are a professional. If this is the case use Fiverr Pro)
  • It might take a lot of effort to build your rating, therefore, to scale up your fee
  • Need to submit your work within the deadline

Buy From Flea Market and Sell on eBay

How to Make Money in Between Jobs - Selling on eBay

Does finding deals your think? Is shopping for bargain items floods your brain with dopamine? Is so, this one is for you.

What is eBay?

eBay is an e-commerce site like but retail sellers can sell second-hand items on eBay, unlike Amazon who only allows brand new products.

Alternative to eBay

There are a lot of eBay alternatives. You can use Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace or even Craigslist. These sites will allow you to re-sell things and the great news is they will not get a commission from your sales.

The principle of buying low and selling at a retail or higher price still stands, but keep in mind that you will have to take care of your shipping and handling, returns, payment security, etc. if you use another marketplace aside from eBay. In addition, you might have a harder time to scale up your business. 

How to Make Money On eBay?

To make money on eBay, you just need to find high demand items that are selling for less than its retail price then sell it on eBay for a profit.

Usually, eBay “professionals” buy their stuff from flea markets, thrift stores, Kijiji, etc. but you can definitely buy from retail stores especially those who are doing a clearance sale as well.  

A word of advice learned from my rookie mistake. 

I thought all I need is to buy a lot of bargain items thinking that I can easily sell it on eBay for a profit just like that. The truth is I actually need to know if the item is on-demand and if its eBay “selling price” would give me a profit after counting in the shipping and listing cost. 

I can assure you if you ignore this truth, you will lose a lot of money and you will gain a lot of trash. I advise you to read my article on How to Price Items on eBay to avoid my rookie mistakes.  

Who is Selling on eBay for?
  • Excellent for people who have lots of unwanted items at home and  need a quick cash
  • Great gig for those who are really good at finding bargain items
  • Perfect for those who can figure out what items are trending
Why Make Money on eBay?
  • eBay constantly tries to improve its marketplace to make it easy for their sellers to sell 
  • As of 2017, eBay has 167 million buyers. Selling on eBay means you will have ~ 167 million potential customer 
  • eBay will handle your transactions, listing, and possible customer dispute
Challenges to expect
  • You need to play around on how to list your product so it will sell 
  • Finding the right product is not as straightforward as it seems  
  • Shipping and listing fees can eat your profit

Work for Ride Sharing or Food Delivery App

Feeling lazy to go out and buy your food or don’t feel like cooking? Well, there is now an app that will allow you to order food and get it to deliver to you.

Need to get to somewhere but public transit is to slow or taxis are too expensive? Likewise, there is an app that will give you a ride!

What Is Ride-Sharing?

Ridesharing companies have apps that can be downloaded on a smartphone. Commuters can use the app to request transportation services. Drivers will be notified by the app if there is a request and they will be compensated if they accept and completed the job.  

List of Ride Sharing App: Uber, Lyft, Via, and Juno

What is Food Delivery App?

These are apps that can be downloaded on a smartphone. Users can open use the app and find a participating restaurant that is of their liking. and order food then someone will deliver the food. 

List of Food Delivery: Seamless, Grubhub, Doorsash, Ubereats, and Postmates  

How to Make Money On Ride-Sharing?

1. You need to have a qualified car

2. Submit the required documents

3. Setup your profile

4. Accept trip request

5. Get paid and collect tips

How to Make Money on Food-Delivery

1. You need a mode of transportation

2. Sign up to any food-delivery and wait for a confirmation of acceptance

3. Once confirmed, wait for food delivery orders

4. Get paid and collect tips

Who is this for?

  • Perfect side job for those who have a car, free time, and willing to deliver food or provide transportation for people
  • It is great for those who want to be their own boss
  • Excellent for people who are looking to earn money quickly while in between jobs

Why do it?

  • Time is flexible. It can be done whenever you are free and you can do as much or as little as you want
  • Earn as much as you want
  • You can start today

Challenges to expect

  • Need to worry about owning a car and all of its cost
  • There will be times when the competition is tough or the demand is scarce
  • You need to deal with people

Become a Blogger or Vlogger

Here is the truth! –  and you may take it or leave it but a lot of people make a full-time living from blogging.  I’m recommending this because it is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You just need to spend about 2 to 3 hrs. everyday to grow your blog and then after 4-12 months, it can become a passive income.

What is blogging/vlogging?

Blogging is content creation for the purpose of educating, entertaining or informing using words and images. on the other hand, Vlogging I using videos.

What do you need to start blogging?


Blogging/vlogging is straight-forward and easy but there are some important things that you need to learn to make your blogging effective and profitable.

There are a lot of online courses out there that will teach you how to blog. Personally I’ve used Wealthy Affiliate, Shaw Academy, and uDemy to learn all the ins and outs of blogging.  

Domain Name

You need a domain name because it will be your very own URL to your website. You need a URL because your followers will not be able to find your site without it.

Think of it as your home address. If you are hosting a party, you will need to give your visitors your home address in order to reach your place. No home address = no visitors = no fun. Likewise, no URL = no site visitors = no fun!.

Some of the most popular Domain Registrars are Namecheap and GoDaddy.

Web Hosting Service Provider

Web hosts are servers where your site information is stored.

Basically, your site visitors will have to contact your web hosting service provider first then your provider will find your site in the server then send the information to your visitor.

You can imagine them as a condominium that houses your condo unit. The condominium will be the server while your condo unit is your site. Before your visitors get into your unit, they must first inquire about your condo management. The management will then check the info provided by your visitor before sending them to your unit.  

Top Web Hosting Service Provider includes Host Gator and Blue Host.

Website Builder

A website builder is a software that allows you to design your blog without the need for coding.

Best Website Builders are WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

I know what you are thinking. How come there is no one single company that offers all?

Actually, each of the companies that I mentioned, although specializes in one area, offers all of your blogging needs. However, if you are looking for the ULTIMATE All-in-One Blogging needs then I implore you to use Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate and What is Included In It?
How to Make Money on blogging/vlogging?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most common way is to monetize your blog. All you need to do is to find companies within your niche that have affiliate programs, apply to their program, then promote their product through the affiliate link they have provided.

If you readers (called leads) buy the product using your affiliate link then you will make a commission.

Google Ad Sense

Another way to monetize your blog is by inserting Google Ads all throughout your post and blog.

In my experience, Google will pay you when 1000 people saw the Ads or if they click the Ads. It is really hard to predict how much you will make using this method because Google does not disclose how they calculate your earning. Nevertheless, you, as a blogger, only need to worry one thing; SITE Traffic.

Partner with Companies

This method is harder to pull because most companies will require you to get a certain amount of traffic each day plus they might ask you to change your layout, content presentation, etc to fit their company image. In addition, you need to directly talk and negotiate advertising contract.  

Who is this for?
  • It is for everyone who can write.  No English – No Worry. There are many grammar software that you can use. Besides, blogging is more effective if you write as if you are just talking to a person and that doesn’t require perfect grammar.
  • Like to share your knowledge or experience, love to add value to people’s life, etc, blogging is for you.
  • Understand that blogging is not a quick-rich-scheme, rather it is a work a lot now, passive income later.
Why do it?
  • It is very straightforward. You just need to get your website set-up, learn how to use off-page and on-page SEO, regularly write an article that adds value to the lives of others and make a clear call to action to click your affiliate link
  • You can scale up your profit.  The more you write and advertise, the bigger your income will going to be
  •  A mature blog page can become a source of passive income
Challenges to expect
  • It will take a while before you can create a consistent income (unless you do PPC)
  • Your initial work will not yield the desired results which can become very discouraging.
  • There is a good probability that you will have to learn search engine marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing to fully maximize your site’s effectiveness.

Become an Online Course Instructor

Ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century. In order to succeed, you need to be able to sell your ideas persuasively. This ability is the single greatest skill that will help you accomplish your dreams.

Talk Like Ted (Book)

Indeed, with the advent of the computer and internet technology, ideas can now be easily packaged and be sold. Another interesting fact is the self-development industry is raking in billions of dollars

What is Selling Online Courses?

In today’s time, people are hungry to learn new skills. Everyone believes that if you want to get an edge against someone then you should never stop learning and you should continue acquiring new and honing existing skills.

Before the age of the internet, you can only do this through enrolling in a school and physically attending lectures, but you can now purchase online lectures and listen to it at your own convenience.

Because of this behavior towards the learning and availability of the technology to share ideas online, becoming an online instructor is becoming more of a trend and selling online courses is becoming a very lucrative industry.

Where to Sell Your Courses?



Shaw Academy

How to Make Money From Being and Online Instructor?

Making money on selling courses is pretty simple. All you need to do is to create a course then either sell it on your own or sell it through different online course platforms.

The advantage of selling it on your own is you can set the price of your courses any way you want. On the flip side, selling your own courses means you need to worry about marketing it.

The advantage of selling it through an online course platform is they will do the marketing for you, but the disadvantage is you don’t really have control over how much it will be sold.

Who is this for?
  • It is for everyone who loves to add value to other people’s lives
  • Those who love to develop and grow themselves
  • For people who can create creative and innovative lectures
Why do it?
  • This is a passive income. Make it once sell it forever.
  • You help other people and make money at the same time.
  • Personal development. You cannot teach what you don’t know, so you will need to learn new things every time to keep teaching
Challenges to expect
  • Course creation can be tedious and resource-demanding
  • Marketing your courses can become challenging or competitive
  • It can be intimidating to speak in front of a camera

Start a Fulfilled by Amazon Business

Did you know Amazon is the biggest American company based on company valuation? Did you also know Amazon’s biggest revenue source is not from selling things online but by collecting middleman fees from its third-party seller?

How to Make Money on FBA 

FBA is a lot more complicated than the ones that I already mentioned. For instance, you will have to determine what to sell on Amazon then figure out where to source them. After then you need to know how to list your product on Amazon else it will not be found. In addition, you need to know how to market it.

I know, I sound negative, but here is the fun part. Once you overcome the learning curve, you can make a lot from this business. I am not exaggerating this part. Some full-time FBA entrepreneurs can make a 6 digit monthly income!

Who is this for?
  • Those who have experience and knowledge in product logistics or willing to learn it
  • Those who are ambitious yet action takers. You know the saying: High risk, High Reward. Learning how to do FBA involves a lot of risk but the potential reward is astonishing
  • Curious minds. FBA business is both Science and Art. You can improve your sales by checking the numbers and you need to follow your intuition to get the upper hand against your competition.
Why do it?
  • You can make a legit 6-digit work from home business
  • Once you overcome the initial learning curve, all you need to do is to scale up to increase your revenue
  • Be in a retail business without worrying for storage, shipment, and logistic

Challenges to expect

  • FBA is quite complex so learning how to do it can be challenging
  • Identifying what items to sell and where to source them
  • Creating a product listing that converts

Recap: How To Make Money In Between Jobs

I really hope that this article added value to your life. I pray that you will not lose your job but if it happens, I hope that you will be able to use one or more suggested things you can do to Make Money In Between Jobs.

Again, the things you can do to Make Money In Between Jobs are the following:

  1. Take jobs on Fiver and other online freelance marketplaces
  2. Buy from a flea market and sell on eBay
  3. Work for a ride-sharing or food delivery work app
  4. Become a Blogger or Vlogger
  5. Create and sell online courses
  6. Start a fulfilled by Amazon Business

Let me ask you this. Which one do you think is the easiest for you and the one you will likely do if you happen to lose your job? Also, what do you think is the hardest to do?

Your feedback is important to me so please leave a comment below.

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