5 Easy Step on How to Make Money on Clickbank

Clickbank is a company that is solely based on affiliate marketing. Many people call it a “middle man” whereby it provides a link between the seller and the affiliate marketer. The article will show you the step-by-step guide on How To Make Money on Clickbank.

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In 2020, most people are no strangers to affiliate marketing but if you still have no idea what it is, affiliate marketing is a way of promoting products for other people’s products through links provided by the company or the person, post those links on your various social media platforms and whenever a person buys the products you marketed, you get a commission from the total sale. Pretty easy, online jobs are the new norm; people are doing most of their work from home because of the development of technology and the situation of the pandemic that has forced people to minimize social places.

How to Make Money on Clickbank?

1. Join

The first step is to join the company. Now, there are two options for joining Clickbank, you can either join as an affiliate marketer or as the product owner, either way, you earn money. To join, you need to specify on what terms you are joining the platform in, either a marketer or product owner. After doing this, enter your full names, your email address, basic information about you that they can contact. The joining process is very easy and after completion, you are a member now.

2. Choose Category

After joining (for this article, you choose to be an affiliate marketer) you choose what product you want to market. The downside to Clickbank is that products that are lousy. There is no filter when it comes to selling good or bad products, all these products are mixed together. It is your task to pick out the good from the bad. It is easy to choose a great product when you select a category, for example, technology, look at the specifications listed on the product description. You will notice a category called graphs, here you will see how many people are promoting it, reviews people have given the product, high reviews and a large number of people using it mean it is a worthy product. When you choose a product, click on the promote icon on the product description.

The good thing about Clickbank is that you start promoting products immediately, with other similar associations, your information is investigated and the product seller has to approve you in order to start selling their product. This is a very important step for the owner of the products because they want to get their products moving, thus they have to play their card smart when it comes to an affiliate marketer. With Clickbank, once you click promote, no approval is needed by the seller.

3. Create an Affiliate Link

After you click on the promote icon, you get directed to another page that will spell out everything you have to know about the product. The page also explains the percentage on the commission you will get if you manage to get a click from the link. When it comes to creating the link, the details you provided when you joined are used to create the user name that you will have to copy then paste to the link generation bar. A unique link will be generated which you use to generate traffic to the product you choose to promote. This is what will be leading people to the product thus everything as to be correct and it gives the end results to the customer which is the exact product.

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4. Traffic generation

Traffic generation is where the magic happens, where you gain as many customers as possible. There are different ways you can generate needed traffic. There is the option of using groups to promote the product where you create a WhatsApp group or a Facebook group related to the specific product you want to sell. Earlier on we choose a technology product, for example, maybe a new device like a camera. You can add people who are interested in or do photography and content creation and market the camera, you will get many clicks depending on how you market the product and earn commission on the sells you earn. Another way you can traffic sales is by using videos especially if you have a huge following. While doing your content creation, you can link the new camera you are using to shoot, by doing this; people will also want to associate their content with yours. This will add to the number of people who click the link and by having a look and seeing from your content creation the work the product is doing you can get customers from your following. This audience is very important when it comes to marketing your products.

5. Cash-out

On Clickbank, payment is received every end of the month in your bank. When filling out your details in the first part of the process will have you filling out your bank details, because that is where whatever you earn will be transferred. If you do not have a bank account, the money will be sent via cheque payments which are not always secure, so try and activate a bank account.

Final Thoughts: How to Make Money On Clickbank!

Clickbank is a legitimate way a person can earn money while working from home. Some people make thousands of dollars every month. It may take time to start earning that amount of money. But it needs some work put in place to generate traffic and this will lead to customers. Some people may be at an advantage that others especially if you have a huge social media following. For people just starting out, experts on affiliate marketing suggest that you grow your following so that more people click on your link, but other than that, affiliate marketing requires a lot of patience and consistency just like any other job. Do not be afraid to start it out today for free.

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