How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts, 8 Ways to Stretch Your Christmas Budget

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Christmas is coming and we are now in full swing on buying Christmas gifts.

Speaking of Christmas gifts:

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How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts

Shop in advance

Shopping in advance is the best way to save on Christmas gifts. There is no demand during the off-season so naturally, the prices are significantly lower. In addition to, you have time to wait for flash sales, liquidation sales, warehouse sale, etc.

Watch out for trade shows as well. You should come and visit a trade show a couple of hours before it wraps up and try to bargain with vendors. Those vendors will likely be going to give you a great discount since they probably hit their profit and they probably don’t want to bring home their items and worry about storage.

Shop at off-price retail stores

I love shopping at Winners which is an off-price retail store. They have a huge selection of clothing from known brands like CK, Tommy Hilfiger, Levis, etc. on a very discounted price. They also have good tech, toys, and fitness items great for budget gift giving. And the best part is nobody knows that I shop from Winners because I wear branded items.

Other examples of off-price retail stores are Marshals, TJ Maxx, Costo, and Winners.

Now, here is an interesting question that me and my wife debates on.

Can you bring a $15-worth gift but original priced at $25 if you are part of an exchange gift and they say you need to bring a $20-worth gift? I want to know your opinion in the comment section!

Shop at premium outlet stores

Buying from outlet stores will save you money because the items are “heavily-discounted” (to be honest, I am not convinced that they are). You get a discount from premium outlet/ factory stores because they are clearance stores that sell off-size merchandises, slightly outdated, slightly flawed, surplus items, etc.

Warning: there are some claims that items being sold at premium outlet stores are actually of a less quality hence the lower price.

But who cares about those? Personally, I can’t tell the difference. Also, I’ve been using the things that I bought from an outlet stores years after. All we need is patience to look around for a “true” great deal and be sure to pick up items that are of good quality.

Use online coupons

Amazon changed the way people shop. During the ancient period, people need to get off their couch, go to a store, battle their way to buy the items they need before they can wrap it up for others to enjoy.

Fast forward to the future, you can do your shopping while sitting on your throne in the morning. After 1 to 3 days, your item will magically appear on your front door.

As this new technology and shopping habit comes, a new way to save money has emerged.

Online coupons such as eBates, topcashback, honey, swagbucks, etc. will give you a rebate when you buy qualified items.

Using them is easy. Just create an account, sign-in, browse for the item that you like, and that is it! Instant rebate.

Consider buying refurbished/ open item goods

Okay, maybe you shouldn’t do this option if you are going to give your boss or to your new boyfriend/girlfriend. Also, this can lead to a very tricky situation if applied to a wrong person so handle with care!

Nevertheless, there are lots of refurbished/open item goods that are in excellent conditions (even the packaging). Besides, we always have someone who doesn’t care where we got our gifts for them right? It could be your siblings, your parents, or your spouse so this trick can work!

Find items from an auction house

Do not underestimate the value of an auction house, you can find really good items for its original price!

And no!

Buying from an auction house does not necessarily mean you have to go to a room full of rich people who raises a card as a man who can speak faster than Eminem informs everyone what the current bid and the current winner is.

Today, there are online auction houses. You do not need to get out of your bed to find a discounted item.

To find an online auction, just type online auction + city, and hopefully, Google will show one close to your place.

Find brand new items at eBay or Facebook Marketplace

There will always be someone on the internet who is selling an item they bought impulsively and wanted to sell after realizing they do not need it or they are broke. You can find these people in eBay or Facebook Marketplace, sometimes in Kijiji trying to get rid of brand new unwanted things. You just need to browse through the pages to find these sellers and buy items for a discount. You can even try to negotiate the price for a much lower price!

Promote exchange gifts

If you have a large group of friends, family, or co-worker then doing an exchange gift is one of the best options to minimize the cost of buying gifts.

You and your group can just set a price of how much the gift should be, buy the gift to participate in the exchange gift. Not only this activity will save you money, you and your group will also have a blast bonding together!

If you are generous, then feel free to give everyone a small gift worth $5 to $10.

What about You?

Do you agree with my list? What is your favorite one and what is the one you disagree?

Do you have a trick that helps you save money on Christmas?

Let me hear all that down below!

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