How to Save Money on Groceries| 9 Tips that Will Help You Save Time and Money

A large number of households spend a small fortune on their grocery bills due to the ever-rising prices of the food. This means that a majority has been cutting off a certain food from their life and choosing to go for the inexpensive options despite of it being unhealthy. Since doing groceries has been a part of your monthly schedule, the question “how to save money on groceries?” may linger in your mind. With the growing inflation and passing time, the majority of household owners today have listed down the tips and tricks so that the size of the grocery bill can shrink down. 

“Saving money on the groceries shopping should be on your priority list”

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Overview: How to Save Money on Groceries| 9 Tips That Will Help You Hundreds of Dollars!

Below are some of the effective tricks to save money on groceries

9 Tips On How to Save Money On Groceries

1. Plan your Meals

Save Money on Grocery by Meal Planning

Planning your meals in advance will help you take advantage of upcoming store sales and will allow you to bulk buy to help you save further.

This tip is very simple.

All you need to do is to think of what you want to eat throughout the week and write down all the ingredients that you would need before going to your local grocery stores to buy them.

One of the tricks others do is they cook the same dish in large quantities then freeze it so it can be eaten for the next few meals. Others have no problem eating the same dish consecutively, while others love to alternate their dishes.

I am not sure which one you prefer but one thing I am sure and that is you will definitely save money on this 1st tip on How To Save Money on Groceries!

2. Bring a Grocery List

Save Money on Grocery by Creating a grocery list

If you do tip 1, then you would know what are the ingredient that you would need to buy.

Knowing what to buy when you do grocery is crucial to saving money on groceries because you will be able to avoid grabbing things that you don’t need or items that are “on-sale”.

That said, one way to save money on groceries is to write and bring a grocery list and stick to it! List down all the things you need plus how much are they so you know how much you will spend on your grocery trip.

To save even more, make sure to check your local supermarket fliers for lower prices. Make a note on your list which supermarket offers the lowest price and either go supermarket hopping or do a price match if possible.

Personally, I would above supermarket hopping especially if I’m only going to save a few cents or dollars in exchange for spending on time and gas. But… that is just me.

3. Use Cash when Doing Groceries

This 3rd How to Save Money on Groceries works well especially if you decide to do tip #2 because the list will help you know beforehand how much you would spend.

I know this tip is kind of old school but…. hey people back in the days don’t owe much unlike us, so I guess it works right?

Anyways, yezz.

Get the total amount of your list, go to your bank or ABM and withdraw the amount.

The likelihood of you sticking to your grocery list increases exponentially when you use cash only because… well, you don’t have money to buy extra stuff. 

4. Consider Online Grocery Shopping

Save Money on Grocery by considering online shopping

Doing grocery shopping online might be straight for the younger generations but might be tricky to the older generations. Nevertheless, buying groceries online can help you save money so hopefully, you will step out of your comfort zone and try it out!

Here are some of the many benefits of doing your groceries online.

  • Saves you time because you can type what you are looking for in the search button instead of walking around the store for hours
  • Spares you from a trip to the store – that’s travel time and gas money saved
  • Show you your total expense on check-out. You can easily delete items if you go over-budget
  • Bookmark an item you wish to purchase and receive a notification when the item you wish to purchase goes on sale
  • Get instant online rebates using online rebates sites such as, Ebates, or Swagbucks

Note: This list is not exhaustive so feel free to share your thoughts down in the comment section.

5. Switch on brands

Save Money on Grocery by switching brands

Switching on the brand is an option available with the buyers to save a lot of their amount on the grocery.

Obviously, big brands charge bigger while those non-branded items are cheaper. But, this does not mean that they are inferior.

You may have become habitual of buying the same product every week or say every month that you may not feel giving it a try to any of the inexpensive ones. All that you may have to do is to make a selection for the particular product, check out the alternate brands, read the ingredients and then decide if you are willing to go for it.

“Switching towards a cheaper brand is also one of the best ways to make saving on the grocery bill.”

6. Use coupons

Making use of the coupons can also help you save a lot of your money on the grocery bill. Although it may sound frustrating to a lot of people, it has also been listed among one of the great ways used by people worldwide.

All that you may have to do is to match the items which are on sale to the coupons. But be careful with the purchases as this may make you buy some of the extra items too.

7. Create a Price Journal

Save Money on Grocery by creating a price journal

One of the popular strategies to ensure doing budgetary grocery shopping is to make use of a price journal.

Price Journal is just a simple journal where you write down an item and its price on a given time. It l will help you track price pattern, lowest or highest price, of a particular item which can help you decide when is the best time to buy stuff. It can also assist you to determine the best time to stock up.

Since sales move on with the cycle, one can easily find out when the next sale on the items would take place. One can even make his or her own price list that comprises the similar store price and count as per every ounce rather than as per the total quantity purchased.

Too much work?

Well, there are online equivalents that do the bulk of the work for you, but as you may have thought already, they only work on online stores.

8. Shop during “Sale” Period

Save Money on Grocery by shopping during sale period

When it comes to saving money from the grocery bill, having items purchased from sales usually help save a large sum of money. If you think that a certain product would be a need in the kitchen after a specified time period, you can even store it. Just like the meat that can be stored up to 3 months. So get whatever you think you will be needing from the sales and enjoy being in the budget.

9. Buy in Bulk

Bulk buying will generally save you money because manufacturers slash off a percentage of the price of their product because they save on packaging costs.

In other words, bulk products are cheaper.

To make this final “How to Save Money on Groceries” work, you must list what are the things you commonly use. Just going to a bulk store without knowing what specifically you need will end you up spending more than you bargain for.

On top of that, you should divide the bulk items as soon as you get home, and store them accordingly. We, humans, tend to consume more than we want or should when we know there is an abundance of resources.

Summary: How to Save Money on Groceries| 9 Tips That Will Help You Hundreds of Dollars!

Well, there you have it. 9 Tips that Will Help you Save Money on Groceries. Again they are:

  1. Plan Your Meals
  2. Bring a Grocery List
  3. Use Cash When Grocery Shopping
  4. Consider Online Shopping
  5. Switch on Brands
  6. Use of Coupons
  7. Create a Price Journal
  8. Shop During Sale Period
  9. Buy In Bulk

How have you been managing your grocery bill?

Is there any specific technique or there is a strategy that you follow?

Is it any of the same that has been mentioned above?

Do share with us in the comment section below!

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