How to Start an Affiliate Marketing?| Definitive Guide

Step 4: Create a Website

Sweet, we are now done with the first part of our How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Guide which is the research part. Now we will go onto the next part which is the creation. 

The first thing we need to do is to choose a platform where you will do your affiliate marketing business. These days, you have a lot of options. You may choose to do it on various social media, Youtube, and even through e-mails. However, the most preferred platform is on a website/blog and that is what I will discuss in this guide.

Things Needed For Website Creation

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Step 4 Create a Website

To create a website, you would need the following: Domain name, hosting-service provider, and website builder.

1. Domain Registrar

The first thing you need to get is the address to your website also known as URL or domain name.

You must get your domain name because people will not find your site without it.

Imagine inviting your friends to a perfect party but forgetting to let them know where your party is at. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and extravagant your party is. No one will be able to come. Similarly, you may have the best content and the most good-looking website in your niche, but if people can’t find it then one can get to it. 🙁

2. Web Hosting Service Provider

The other thing that you must get is your own space on the internet.

You need a web-hosting because this is where you will build your website and where your files will be stored. 

Going back to our analogy, without web-hosting, it is like inviting your friends to a great party and this time you didn’t forget to give them your address. Unfortunately, when your friends arrived at the address, there is no house to host them.

3. Website Builder

The last thing you must get is a website builder. This is very important to get especially if you are not a programmer and have no plans on becoming one. 

Website builders will allow you to create a reliable and fine-looking website without needing to code. All you must do is to drag and drop widgets to sections of your sites and wah-lah! You have created your very own unique and good-looking website.

4. Website Themes

Website themes allow you to change the appearance of your website and provides additional or unique functionality.

Website builders often offer hundreds of free website themes, but default and free themes are usually limited in functionality.  Nevertheless, these themes will do its job just as well.

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