How to Start an Affiliate Marketing?| Definitive Guide

Step 5: Produce Quality Contents

We now come to the most grueling and the hardest part of affiliate marketing – content creation. And yes, producing quality content is time-consuming and is the hardest part of the affiliate marketing business and I will not sugarcoat this!

Affiliate marketing is not a quick-rich scheme. It is a business and like any other business, you will have to invest a lot of your energy, time, and resources to build a sustainable and profitable affiliate marketing business.  Of course, there are free and easy ways to do this gig but those don’t last long. 

Producing quality content is hard but not impossible. There are even ways to produce content without you doing anything, but that is a different topic for another day! For now, let me teach you different types of content that bring in an engaged audience. 

Please note that each type presented below are applicable whether you are writing a blog, recording a vlog,  or posting social media contents. 

Ways to Produce Quality Contents

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Step Step 5 Produce Quality Contents

1. Product Review

Product review is a type of content where you review a product. 

You are probably familiar with this type of content especially if you first do your research before buying things.

It typically answers questions about a product. Questions such as, “what is product a”, “why you need product a” or who is product a for”. It also provides the pros and cons of having products a.

It should also have a “call-to-action” that encourages the audience to purchase a product through the link provided – an affiliate link!

2. List Article

List article is a type of content that provides a list of information about a topic. For example, 15 Tips for Affiliate Marketers, 

8 Tools Every Affiliate Marketers Should Have, etc. 

The best way to promote an affiliate product using list article is to promote 1 – 3 (depending on how long your article is)
topic-related affiliate products in the article and let your audience know how they can purchase the product through the link (affiliate link) you’ve provided. 

Another popular way to use a list article to promote your affiliate product is by writing a gift guide or a product list. For example, Top Personal Development Books That Your Bookworm Friend Would Love, 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Course, or 8 Most Profitable Affiliate Programs to Join in 2020. Again, share your affiliate link for each product and sell it to your audience. 

3. How-To Guides

How-To Guides are similar to list articles, but instead of just listing information, how-to guides provide a step by step answer to a problem or question. 

The best way to promote an affiliate product using a how-to guide is to answer a question or solving a problem using the affiliate product and making a call-to-action for your audience to get the product for themselves through your affiliate link. 

4. Evergreen Content

The final type of content you can use is evergreen content. As the name suggests, evergreen content doesn’t get old or get out of trend. Technically, all the types of contents stated above can be an evergreen content depending on what topic it is about. 

For example,  a product review about Canva will be considered an evergreen content assuming it will be relevant to affiliate marketers for many years to come. On the other hand, a product review about fidget spinner might become viral for a short period but definitely will not last years. 

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