How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business?

Pinterest  is often used to drive traffic to a website or blog, to sell products from an e-commerce business or to sell products through an affiliate link. In this article, I will focus on teaching you How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a part social media, part visual search engine tool that lets its users find and curate ideas. Pinterest caters to two groups of people: business owners and shoppers and this are reflected on what type of account they use.

Business owners use Pinterest for a Business account while shoppers use Pinterest Personal account.

How do people use Pinterest?

Pinterest personal users use Pinterest to find ideas on what to buy next, to research the products they wish to buy and to “watchlist” items that they are thinking of buying in the future.

On the other hand,  Pinterest business users use Pinterest to take advantage of the “proactive buyer” behavior of the community. According to studies done by Pinterest, Pinterest users are more proactive shoppers compared to other social media users thus business owners who are using Pinterest have a higher rate of transaction completion.

My Personal Experience with Pinterest

Pinterest Gives Me a Lot of Traffic

I like to use Pinterest because it it generates traffic to my blog. I currently only have about 2k followers but my best performing pin received 15k impression and 129 clicks!

If you have no idea what the numbers means, don’t worry about it, just trust my words that this is REALLY good especially to me who is just a new blogger.

Here’s My Social Media Marketing Strategy

What I usually do is I write an article on ways to make money online or personal finance. Next is to announce the article to my Facebook page that currently has about 900+ members and finally I make 3 to 5 Pins on my Pinterest Business Account.

The result is amazing! I am just a less than 1-year-old blogger but with the help of Facebook and Pinterest, I am able to generate about 150 to 200 visits a week!

I kid you not, this is a big deal! If not because of this strategy, I will probably just get about 10 to 20 visits from search engine optimization (SEO).

Pro Tip: Create multiple pins for the same blog post

It is okay to make multiple Pins that have different designs and slightly different title and catchphrase directing to a single blog. Just be sure to space out the publication date of each pin to be effective.

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business?

Create Pins to Drive Traffic to a Blog or a Website

Pinterest Produces Traffic

The primary use of Pinterest for Business is to direct traffic from your Pinterest account to your blog or an e-commerce website or even to your offline business website!

Doing so is easy and straight forward! All you need to do is to create an engaging Pin and that’s it!

How to Create a Pinterest Pin?

1. Click the Create Button or “Plus” Button

Click the “plus” button found on the upper right of your Pinterest page if you are using a browser or click the “create” button on the bottom of your Pinterest App if you are using the app.

2. Fill in the Blanks
3. Choose Which Board Your New Pin Will Go and Hit Publish
4. Decide Whether to Publish it Now or on a Later Date

Pro Tip: Publish Pins into your Most Visited or Featured Boards

I like Pinterest better than Facebook because it is cheaper to generate leads. All you need to do in Pinterest is to rack up followers then regularly post Pins and that is it! Your followers will see your Pins, and if they are interested in it they will re-Pin your Pin. Their followers will then see the pin and the cycle will repeat over and over again. A percentage of people who saw/ repined your Pins will go and click your link and ta-da… blog traffic !!!

If you want some extra exposure and if you want your Pins to be seen by the right people, then you might want to pay Pinterest to show your Pins to the right audience but it is not required.

That is it. Just be realistic with your expectation especially when you are just starting out. Don’t expect you will get immediate success on this, but if you make it a habit, say create 5 to 10 pins and schedule to Publish it evenly throughout the week, then I would assure you that you will see success!

Create Buyable Pins to Directly Sell in Pinterest

Normally, Pins are linked to websites, blogs, e-commerce sites or affiliate link, but Buyable Pins are of different breeds! Buyable Pins are Pins that lets Pinterest users buy an item/s directly from Pinterest. Boom. No more linking, no more writing a blog nor creating a Pinterest visual. Just a picture of your product and instant ka-ching

Buyable Pins are the best way to make money on Pinterest. Unfortunately, (of course, there is no easy way out), Buyable Pins are currently only available to select retailers and U.S. merchant sooo booo!! However, there is hope. If you have an e-commerce business then you can get qualified to use buyable pins but only if you are using either one of the following e-commerce platforms: BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or Shopify.

Don’t want to start an e-commerce business? Don’t worry! I got another one for you to use Pinterest to promote your business and that is through Affiliate Link Pins!

Create Affiliate Link Pins to Direct Your Followers to Amazon/eBay

Now, this is another way to use Pinterest to Promote your Business! This type of Pin is one level lower than Buyable Pins, but definitely better than a regular Pin especially if you do not have a website or do not want to write a blog on a product/s.

Affiliate Link Pins are Pins that contains an affiliate link of a product from Amazon or eBay. As with any other affiliate marketing, your goal is to advertise the item to get leads. When your lead buys an item through your affiliate link, then you get a commission. Likewise, You will have to create an engaging Pin that is showcasing the product that you wish to sell. Then when one of your followers clicks on the link, he/she will be directed to either Amazon/ eBay.

The steps to creating an Affiliate Link is similar to creating a regular Pin. The only difference is you insert your affiliate link instead of your blog or website URL on “Add Destination Link”.

That’s All Folks!

I hope this article added value to your life and I hope it will help you grow your side hustle!

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