25 Inexpensive Valentine's Gift For Men

Valentine’s day is around the corner and although love is not all about material things, it’s not wrong to give your man a gift that will put a smile on his face. Are you torn between keeping your budget versus giving your man Valentine’s gift? I might have something for you! Here is some Inexpensive Valentine’s Gift for Him ideas that might help you with your problem.


Inexpensive Gifts for Him

In this list, you will find inexpensive (less than $35) gifts that are unique and will surely be loved by your man. The list contains gift ideas for different kinds of men. So whether he loves to backpack and travel, loves taking care of himself, loves to make meaningful connections, loves summer and outdoor activities or a geek/nerd, you will find an inexpensive valentine’s gift for him!

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Inexpensive Valentine's Gift for Men Who Loves to Backpack and Travel

Gold Scratch Off World Map

1156 Ratings (4.4 out 5)

You and your man love to travel or thinking of visiting every corner of the world?

This Gold Scratch Off World Map is a a perfect Valentine’s gift to your hubby then. This is a cool gift because as you visit more places, you get to scratch off more countries on your map giving you a sense of accomplishment. It is also fun to see your map change from one single color to colorful map. Maybe you can take a picture of it every after you scratch off countries and make a video of it. Hmmm.

Wooden Docking Station and Desk Organizer

250 Ratings (4.2 out 5)

Sticking to the topic of traveling, the LifeStraw is another perfect gift for your travel buddy. 

The LifeStraw is proven to remove a minimum of 99.999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites and filters to 0.2 microns. 

That means he will not have to worry about where his water is coming from. This is a big deal because one thing for sure you and he will do while traveling and that is will have to drink water. Unfortunately, one single mistake of drinking bad water could send him to a hospital. With LifeStraw, he will not have to worry about that. Just instant clean and safe drinking water every time!

The Bucket List : 1000 Adventures Big and Small

244 Ratings (4.6 out 5)

Do you know why a new relationship is so great? 

It’s because you and your special someone explore places, go to a new adventure, learn new things, and discover the unknown together! So if you want your relationship to stay great, then you shouldn’t stop exploring, going, learning and discovering new things!

Running out ideas on what to do next? Well, this The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big and Small is the answer to your problem. Gift this to your boyfriend or husband and start going on new adventures again.

Portable Nylon Fabric Travel/Camping Hammock

119 Ratings (4.5 out 5)

Have you seen a male lion? What do they love to do?

 YEZZZ Lie down and sleeep! Even if your man is a busy bee, he will for sure still going to appreciate a relaxing downtime.

Agree? Then gift the Portable Hammock. This is a perfect gift especially if your man loves outdoors. The travel hammock is easy to pack and store, so he can bring it to your camping and outings or even to the beach – basically anywhere he decides to relax.  

Small Travel Electronic Accessories Bag

244 Ratings (4.6 out 5)

Nowadays, it would be unimaginable to go on a trip without a smartphone, tablet, DSLR, etc. It is also unimaginable to bring a bunch of electronics without their charger. Of course, bringing a bunch of electronics charger result to a messy luggage. 

Well, the Travel Electronic Accessories is here to the rescue!

Your man will definitely appreciate this gift because it will help him organize his stuff. On top of that you can also give your chargers and electronics to him and make him it organize for you! Double Win! 

Inexpensive Valentine's Gift for Men Who Loves Taking Care of Themselves

Wooden Docking Station and Desk Organizer

250 Ratings (4.2 out 5)

Men have a reputation to be messy and disorganize, but I think that is not true for everyone. 

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a b.f. who is tidy and organized, then he will surely love this Wooden Docking Station and Desk Organizer. He can use the organizer to store his sunglasses, watches, card and many more.

Most importantly, this docking station and desk organizer comes with a mirror so he can always make sure that he looks great whenever he sees you. 

9 in 1 Beard Grooming Kit

299 Ratings (4.6 out 5)

Is your man obsessed with his beard? 

Don’t make him cut it, rather, support him by giving this 9 in 1 Beard Grooming Kit. 

The kit includes beard oil, beard balm, and beard shampoo to ensure his beard will grow healthy. It also includes beard brush, and beard and mustache scissors and use it to always groom it so his beard will always stay in a tip-top shape.

Does he want to grow his beard but no idea how? Don’t worry! This kit also has a user manual and a free E-book to help him get started. 

Facial Hair Trimmer

448 Ratings (4.3 out 5)

Okay, maybe your partner doesn’t like growing his beard (lucky you), but unless he has  Alopecia Areata, then he would need this facial hair trimmer so he would always look handsome and professional. 

He can use the facial hair trimmer to trim his nose and ear hair as well as his eyebrows because… be honest, you don’t want to see your guy with over grown nose hair or a brow as messy as your relationship with your in-laws right? 😀 

Whiskey Stones Glass Gift Set

432 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

Perfect gift if your man loves alcoholic drinks (hopefully he is not alcoholic though… gift him something else if that is the case!). Actually you can use these stones on any other drinks as well. 

Simply refrigerate prior to use then add 2-3 stones into the drink and it will chill your drink without diluting the taste. Pretty amazing right? He will surely appreciate this one!

Royal Copenhagen Musk

312 Ratings (4.2 out 5)

Who doesn’t like their man to smell nice and fresh?

I know what you are thinking. How would you know if this one smell’s fresh right? 

I don’t know too! But it has a good review and a lot of people gave it 4 to 5 stars, so all we can do is trust their judgement 😀 


Inexpensive Valentine's Gift for Men Who Loves to Make Meaningful Connections

Our Moments Couples

1384 Ratings (4.6 out 5)

Do you know the secret of a good and lasting relationship?

A quality and consistent communication of course. 

Now, communicating comes naturally to some, but for others, it might be a struggle. 

If your man is a quiet type, then The Our Moments for Couples will help him start a conversation with you. The game is also portable so it is great for road trips, camping, staycation… well basically everywhere! 


Magic Mug Cartoon

69 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

Communicating with each other is great but do you know how to make it even better? 

Talking to one another while sipping your favorite hot drink!

Now, don’t just use a random mug. That is boring!

Give this Magic Mug Cartoon to him because it is romantic, cute, and… well… magical! 

Pour him his favorite hot drink and tell him that like he can’t live without his favorite drink, you can’t live without him. Then watch together as the cartoon on the mug reveals its magic! 


The 5 Love Languages for Men

461 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

You know for sure your he loves you, but for some reason, there is a disconnect between you two.

It is probably because he is communicating his love with a love language that is different than yours. 

Love language what? 

Well, basically there are five love languages: touch, gift, words of appreciation, acts of service and quality time. Don’t know what I am talking about? If This book will help both of you to understand each other’s love language and be able to speak it so you can fully express your love for one another. 

Explosion Box

108 Ratings (4.6 out 5)

Okay. This is the ultimate meaningful-connection-maker that you can give to your hubby. 

Basically, the Explosion Box is a Valentine’s card on steroid!

You can write a lovely and romantic letter on the one side, attach your most memorable pictures together on the other, create cute stationery designs on another, and… well your love is the limit on how creative you can be on this box.  

Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

1365 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

By now, you understand that communication is one important activity that will help you keep your relationship but how can you make sure you will never run out of meaningful conversation ideas?

Well, the Q&A a Day 3 Year Journal for 2 will help you with that. 

The journal will provide you a question that both of you can answer together. Of course, journal your answers so you can come back and remember your promises, plans, and even struggles. 

Questions found in the journal can be about addressing the relationship, “Where would you like to travel with your partner?”, or maybe asking you to write about each other like, “What does your partner’s laugh sound like?. There are also questions directed only to each of you. For example, What is your top priority today?”

Inexpensive Valentine's Gift for Men Who Loves Summer and Outdoors

BBQ Grill Tool Set

982 Ratings (4.5 out 5)

For some reason, most men don’t know how to cook in a kitchen but are iron chefs when it comes to backyard grilling. I don’t know what is the scientific explanation to that, but what I know is he will love this BBQ Grill Tool Sett. 

This BBQ Grill Tool Set comes with 14 pieces stainless steel BBQ grilling accessories, spatula, thongs and everything he needs to produce a perfect BBQ cookout that he can truly brag about. 

WARNING: There is a risk that you might eat grilled meat and veggies all summer long if you give this gift to him on Valentine’s day.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Leather Ranger Passcase Wallet

2626 Ratings (4.6 out 5)

What is summer without hiking, camping, and backpacking?

These outdoor activities can be dangerous especially if he doesn’t know what he is doing but can be so much rewarding if he is well educated, prepared, and has a plan. 

Help him prepare for these adventures of his life and gift this Brush Craft 101! 

This book will give help him understand how to gear up and what to do while he is out in the wild. 

Coffee Travel Press

923 Ratings (4.4 out 5)

Outdoor adventure or fresh brewed hot coffee?

Usually, those two don’t come together, but with this Coffee Travel Press, your man can now enjoy a freshly brewed coffee while hiking or camping. Best of both worlds!

What a happy man!

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Leather Ranger Passcase Wallet

432 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

Though most of us don’t bring cash anymore, this Tommy Hilfiger wallet is still a good gift for him. 

The wallet has lots of pockets for his cards, ID’s, calling cards etc. and since it is a form, Tommy Hilfiger, you can be sure of its quality and design! 

Fishing Pliers, Grippers and Fish Gloves

144 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

If your man loves fishing, then make sure to gift this fishing set! 

The set comes with pliers that can help him cut his fish line, crimp sleeves and leads as well as to remove the hook. It also comes with a fish gripper that he can use to hold the fish while taking that picture-perfect moment without the worry of accidentally releasing the slippery fish. Finally, the set comes with durable and flexible gloves that will protect him from cuts and scrapes. 

Inexpensive Valentine's Gift for Men Who Are Nerds and Gamers

The Lego Ideas Book

2919 Ratings (4.3 out 5)

If you think Legos are for boys only, then think again! 

Legos are for all ages! It stimulates the brain and it helps your man to be creative and imaginative! 

That said, gift them this especially if you know he is obsessed with Legos. You’ll be surprised by what he might be able to create with it! 


293 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

This board game is amazing and I mean it! 

Gift this board game to your man and play it together while both of you catch up on each other’s day or plan for the future.  

The game is for 2 to 12 players on 2 or 3 teams so this is a perfect game to play if you have kids or invited your family and friends to come over for dinner. The game is amazing because it is easy to understand but it takes strategy to win. 

Overall, get this game and I can promise you that you and your man will have so much fun with it.  

Nintendo Switch Hard Carry Case Plus Screen Protector

721 Ratings (4.7 out 5)

Let’s faced it. If he loves gaming before you met him, that will never change no matter how old he becomes. 

Don’t make him stop what he loves to do. At least, he is at home with you and not in a bar flirting with someone else. 

Support his hobby and gift this Nintendo Switch Carrying Case. The case comes with a screen protector so his Switch’s screen will not be scratched. The case comes with 20 game card slot so he can bring all of his games with him. Of course, it can fit his Switch, another Joy-con and all of his Switch accessories. 

Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays/ Chocolate Molds

223 Ratings (4.5 out 5)

Is your hubby a Star Wards Nerd?

Gift this and you will never regret it! 

He can use this to create Star Wars Character Iced Cubes or, even better, you or both of you can mold chocolates, paint it together and have a Star Wars party! 

Beakers and Flasks Shot Glass

146 Ratings (4.5 out 5)

Like honest to goodness, who hasn’t seen a beaker and a flask?

This is one of the must-have gifts especially if your guy is a science student or at least loved watching Breaking Bad! 

This beaker and flask shot glasses are the ultimate nerd gift you can give to him. Even if he doesn’t drink, this set is a great conversation starter because.. well who doesn’t recognize them and who will not geek out if they see a shot glass version of them?