Shaw Academy Review

What is Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is an online educator that provides both online and offline courses in areas such as digital marketing, health and fitness, finance, etc. They issue “diploma” or certification (European Qualification Framework Level 5) upon completion of a four-module course. In order to receive the diploma, the student must attend all eight one-hour-long lesson per module and submit their final assignments which are given at the end of each module.

My Experience with Shaw Academy

I learned about Shaw Academy through a promotion from my cell phone provider. There are lots of courses to choose from, but I chose Social Media Marketing since I am trying to get better on blogging and online marketing. I fell in love with the service because it really does teach you something and the material that they provide is of high quality. I have an impression that each lesson is live and not pre-recorded which is a plus since I feel they put an effort on every lesson thus making me feel valued.


Many of us are bored or don’t like our work for many different reasons. Some of us are not challenged enough while some might be burnt out from having to do too much work. Unfortunately, even if we want to get a better job, we lack credential to advance in our career, has no time to go to school to upgrade our credentials, or don’t have extra cash to pay an expensive tuition.

What Shaw Academy has Done to Better Their Customer’s Lives

What makes Shaw Academy amazing is it provides an online class that offers European Qualification Framework (EQF) Level 5 after completing  32 hours of lecture plus four final assignment.  Shaw Academy claims that EQF Level 5 is recognized in different countries. In other words, students will earn a certification upon completion of course that they can use as a valid credential when applying for work.

Compared to traditional school, the tuition fee at Shaw Academy is also relatively cheap.

Finally, Shaw Academy offers classes in 10 different lucrative fields of business with a total of 80-course offerings.

Information about Shaw Academy:


Free Trial: Yes, 30 Day Trial


  1. Monthly: C$59.99 per month
  2. 3 Months: C$49.99 per month
  3. 6 Months $39.99 per month
  4. 1 Year $29.99 per month

Recommendation: Enroll if you seriously want to learn and develop yourself or upgrade your credentials

Disclaimer: I still have not graduated from Shaw Academy so I am not sure if my diploma will be recognized when I applied or how easy it will be for me to get a job with it.

What I Love About Shaw Academy:

Both scheduled live  and offline lecture

Their online webinar is scheduled meaning you will have to attend it at the same time and on the same day every week. You will be given a chance to choose the schedule of you classes at the beginning of the semester, but be careful to choose it well because this will be your schedule for the next 4 months if you are planning to finish all 4 modules.

This set-up is good because it trains you to allocate the time and date for you to attend your online classes. I have attended other online classes that can be taken any time of the day/week and usually this set up leaves me procrastinating.

Another good thing is they will post the webinar 24 hours after the “live” webinar was released so you don’t have to worry if you missed one or two classes because you will still have the chance to view them once the “offline” webinar is posted.

Provides web lecture slides and class summary

I like jotting down notes while I am listening to a lecture. It allows me to follow along with the class since it helps me not to get distracted. Shaw Academy provides a hard copy of the slides for each lectures allowing students to take notes as they follow along with the class. They also provide a copy of the lecture summary which helps students know what the lesson is about.

You get a certification when you finish the 4 modules

This is one of the biggest reason why I am taking courses at Shaw Academy. I originally have a degree in Chemistry, but there are not a lot of opportunities here on Canada in this field. Chemist’s pay here is low and the schedule is busy so I decided to take courses on Social Media Marketing since it is becoming a gold standard in advertising products.

What I don’t love

You “can” ask questions to fellow classmates/ and instructor

They claim that you can ask your instructor via email, or ask in the classroom, but you will never get a response aside from the A.I. bot that answers only basic questions.

When you email the instructor, Shaw Academy will only give you a link to their FAQ page. On their, automated email, they will remind that instructors will prioritize replying to premium members only. I am a premium member and the instructors never replied on me.

Email with a reminder that your class is about to start

The intention of an email reminder is good, but it can be overwhelming. Shaw Academy sends a 24 hrs reminder, 12 hr reminder, and 1 hr reminder that your course is about to start. If you are enrolled in 3 or more classes then your inbox is done! Of course, you have an option to turn it off.

Pricey if you don’t want the certification

Compared to Udemy’s online course fee, Shaw Academy is much more expensive! Of course, you don’t get anything for finishing a course in Udemy. However, there are lots of courses at Udemy that can provide as good content as Shaw Academy provides.  Another downside of Shaw Academy is they don’t allow monthly payment on their multi-month subscription so you need to dish out a huge amount of money to enroll.

You can’t get a refund when you decided to drop the course

Unfortunately, unlike a traditional school where you can get a refund if you drop your course within a time period, Shaw Academy does not provide that. Once you pay, there is no turning back. You can cancel your subscription anytime but don’t expect your money coming back even if you have not enrolled in any courses yet.


Overall, I love the service Shaw Academy provides. Once you use it, you can feel that they truly have the mission to add value to the lives of their customers. Shaw Academy provides high-quality material and their instructors are highly engaged.

There is no legitimate concern with the service they provide. If you realize, the downside that I have sent are only personal pet peeves and may vary from person to person.

Shaw Academy is great for people who are seriously looking to upgrade or just love to grow and develop themselves regardless of how much they needed to invest.

2 thoughts on “Shaw Academy Review

  • 10/05/2018 at 7:46 AM

    Hi John

    Thank you for this comprehensive review,it definitely pricked my interest and will check it out soon, as I think the time will be well spent considering your review.
    All the best in going forward.


    • 10/06/2018 at 10:04 PM

      Hi Gary,

      Thanks for reading my review.

      Shaw Academy is the best place to learn something new and at the same time get credentials that will be accepted by many organization.

      John Greg


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