4 Reasons Why You Should Start an Affiliate Business

I get it. You want to be your own boss. Who doesn’t like that? Unfortunately, starting your own business is hard because you will need a lot of money to start one. Luckily, affiliate marketing is easy and cheap to start. You can then use the money you will make from it to start your dream business. That said, I will share with you the 4 Reasons Why You Should Start an Affiliate Business.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Start an Affiliate Business

  1. You Don’t Need to Worry About Manufacturing a Product
  2. You Can Easily Scale Up (or Down) Your Business
  3. You’re Not Required to Have a Degree nor Business Experience
  4. You Only Need a Computer, Internet, and Right Attitude to Run the Business

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Problems with Starting a Traditional Business

I always dream of starting my own business, so I can quit work. I want to quit work not because I am lazy but because I know I only have one life and I want to spend it building a legacy for me to leave instead of working for someone.

You are probably reading this because, like me, you want to quit work. You might have a different reason though.

It is possible that you want to take care of your aging parents or you want to babysit your toddler. Maybe you want to start a non-profit that would help the marginalized. Or you want to travel to see the world and experience different cultures. Whatever your reason why you want to quit, one fact is true for us all and that is we need another source of income.

Starting a business is a solution. Unfortunately, starting one is easier said than done. Usually, you would need to worry about the following:

  1. Product creation
  2. How to advertise the product
  3. Business location
  4. How to bring the product to the customer
  5. Customer service

These five things would require you to invest a lot of money and to make it worse, you won’t know if your product would be profitable.

4 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Should be Your First Business

 You Don’t Need to Worry About Having Your Own Product

Affiliate Marketing to the rescue!

With Affiliate Marketing, all you need to focus on is promoting someone else’s product!

Promoting affiliate products is not hard either. All you need is a computer and the internet, creativity and right attitude and boom you got your profitable affiliate marketing business.  

No product invention, No product creation, and shipping and handling. On top of that, you also don’t need to rent a place or hire employees.  In other words, starting an affiliate business is almost risk-free and easy.

So with this said, the reason why affiliate marketing business should be your first business is that it is low-risk and it is really cheap to start one

You Can Easily Scale Up (or Down) Your Business

Ready to expand your business? Want to slow down because you want to go and travel the world?

This might be tricky for a traditional business because of logistics but this is a reality for affiliate marketing business.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is if you want to earn more cash, you simply need to create more content or make someone create it for you (e.g. hire someone from Fiverr or other online freelancing services). Similarly, if you don’t have time then just skip creating new content. Your old contents should still bring in some cash. Talk about passive income!

You’re Not Required to Have a Degree nor Business Experience

If you want to get a good job, then you must study hard and get into a fine university.

You probably heard this adage or your parents probably told you this over and over again.  This might be true for their generation but in today’s day and age, this is probably not as true anymore.

Nowadays, because of the internet, anyone can build a 4,5,6 or even 7 digit yearly income without having to go to a prestigious school. People only now need the internet, a computer, and the right attitude to make lots of money.

This is true for affiliate marketing. If you have no idea how to start one, no worries! You can buy cheap online courses. For example, I bought several online courses from uDemy, enrolled in Shaw Academy, and subscribed to Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate and What is Included In It?

The Result?

This blog, over 6000 social media followers, almost a hundred articles on personal finance, work at home ideas, and personal development. Yeah, the number is small, but I am doing this for just over a year.

You Only Need a Computer, Internet, and Right Attitude to Run the Business

The best way to promote affiliate products is to create content (blog or vlog) then make a call to action asking your readers or viewers to buy the product that you talked about through the link (your affiliate link) you have provided. Other popular ways to promote an affiliate product is through e-mail marketing, search engine marketing or social media marketing. 

Each method has its pros and cons and has its own associated benefits and risks. Explaining each is beyond the scope of this article, but you can read my other article, 3 Proven Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links if you want to learn more.

The point I am trying to raise here is all of the ways mentioned above can be done with just a computer that has an internet connection. Promoting affiliate products do not require you to physically sell it, buy an expensive radio or TV Ad slot, etc. 

So why the right attitude is needed to run a successful affiliate marketing business? 

It is because affiliate marketing, like any other business, is not easy especially during your first couple of years!

If you will do it the proper way, through search engine optimization, you will not see any traffic to your site for the first few months even if you spend more than 30 hours a week creating content. If you decided to use PPC or paid advertising, then there will be financial risk involved because you are paying for a search engine or social media Ads without a guaranteed return. 

It is not all that bad though. Just have perseverance and determination and I am sure you will succeed in this business. 

You need perseverance because you will be working hard without seeing tangible results in the first few months. While determination is needed because I can assure you that there will be a lot of roadblocks and failures yet you need to stand up every time. 

Will You Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Well, there you have it! 4 Reasons Why You Should Start an Affiliate Business. Hopefully, I was able to give you good reasons why you should an affiliate marketing business. Again those reasons are the following:

  1. You Don’t Need to Worry About Manufacturing a Product
  2. You Can Easily Scale Up (or Down) Your Business
  3. You’re Not Required to Have a Degree nor Business Experience
  4. You Only Need a Computer, Internet, and Right Attitude to Run the Business

Do these 4 reasons entice you to try affiliate marketing? Is there something you want to add on this list? Are there any of the 4 reasons you disagree?

Please share your thoughts on the comment section below so I can further improve the contents that I provide to you and to others!

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