9 Steps To Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business Using Amazon and Pinterest

Money is tight lately, so you’ve been looking for ways to earn extra income. You’ve heard many people make money online so you did your research and lo and behold you are now overwhelmed with many options you can do to legitimately earn money online. Some people say do eCommerce, other social media marketing, yet some advise to start an affiliate marketing business. If you’ll ask me, my wealth builder tip for you is to …

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How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business?

Pinterest  is often used to drive traffic to a website or blog, to sell products from an e-commerce business or to sell products through an affiliate link. In this article, I will focus on teaching you How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business What Is Pinterest? Pinterest is a part social media, part visual search engine tool that lets its users find and curate ideas. Pinterest caters to two groups of people: business owners …

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What is Pinterest Used For?


You probably think Pinterest is another kind of social media but it is not! True, It has the following and followers stuff going on here, but there is more to it! It is actually a visual search engine as well! That being said, What is Pinterest Used For? Pinterest Interesting Facts Jeff Bulla gave some interesting fact about Pinterest in his article 10 Amazing Facts About Pinterest Marketing That Will Surprise You, According to him, …

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