15 Tips For Affiliate Marketing| Do This If You Want to Make a Sale!

If you are thinking to start an online business, affiliate marketing should be the first thing you should try. Not only it is straightforward and profitable, but all the skills that you will learn from it are also transferable to other online businesses. The only thing about it is it has many unspoken rules that you must meet if you truly want to succeed which is why I decided to share with you 15 Tips For Affiliate Marketing. 


  1. Leverage the influence of social media
  2. Be an honest affiliate 
  3. Stick to the subject matter of your blog 
  4. Persistently promote your posts 
  5. be honest about posting an affiliate link 
  6. Post a product that will be interesting to the readers 
  7. Avoid the use of many affiliates on your websites
  8. make sure you hit the first target
  9. Post the blog post and the affiliate link at the same time 
  10. Educate Yourself Consistently
  11. Reduce the Length of Your Blog Post
  12. Use an Attractive Post
  13. You Must Be Open about Your Affiliate Status
  14. Avoid as Much as Possible Using The Banner Ad
  15. Identify Good Affiliate Networks to Earn From

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products promoted on this website and may earn a commission if you purchase something.

15 Tips For Affiliate Marketing

1. Leverage the Influence of Social Media 

Promote your work on other places like social media. Facebook and Instagram run the world hence a better platform to showcase your offers. The more followers you have, the easier it is to increase the number of your affiliates. However, it can be monotony if the offers are repetitively advertised on your timeline. Make sure you post in a way to let your followers feel comfortable engaging with you.

2. Be an Honest Affiliate 

Being a blogger is one of the most fulfilling jobs because you inform people on things that they wouldn’t have had the perspective that you have. So, engaging in fake promotion work will make your followers question the credibility in your work. You don’t have to stand behind products that are counterfeits or non-functioning just because you are getting a chunk of money. Stay woke!

3. Stick to The Subject Matter of Your Blog

The reason you have followers is because of what your website is intended for. Diversifying yourself at this point is spreading ideas so thin, losing the focus. Doing too much sale for products instead of just advertising them might rub your readers the wrong way. Don’t lose the fan base even if the products you are advertising are legit.

4. Persistently Promote Your Posts

Make sure that you are consistent with promoting the affiliate link to ensure you make the first sale. Being absent in your social media accounts is not a tip for a good affiliate marketer. You should be hands-on with your business by including the links that do not affiliate.

5. Be Honest About Posting an Affiliate Link

When you post the affiliate links on Instagram, include the word advertisement for disclaimer purposes. Failure to write Ad, you are subject to being sued because it’s not your product. You should also post a video describing how you have tested the product to enhance transparency.

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6. Post a Product That Will Be Interesting to the Readers

Your number one job as an affiliate marketer is to know what your audience needs/wants. This is easy to do especially if your blog/brand is engaged in a specific niche because you can assume your audience wants the products/services your niche has to offer. That said, only promote affiliate products within your niche. In addition, promote affiliate products that are relevant to the blog they are reading. 

7. Avoid The Use of Too Many Affiliates On Your Websites

The appearance of too many affiliates causes the site to be monotonous. This might make the followers withdraw their stand of being attracted to your site. It’s a sign of repetitive hiding due to lack of anything to say causing boredom. It’s okay to have few affiliates because they bring an impact to the reader’s attention.

8. Make Sure You Hit the First Target    

The fact that you are a promoter, you should hit the first target for the company you are working for. However, don’t enter into the business blindly because you will regret the wrong contract you signed it’s not easy to build an instant relationship with the audience so continuous marketing of your site is very important.

9. Post the Blog Post and the Affiliate Link at the Same Time

It’s very advisable to advertise the product as you own it. Be open with your website readers because they are the support system in your site. Highlight both the pros and cons of using the product but be careful about the cons so that you don’t discourage your learners. It’s detrimental that you post both the post and the link to strengthen your customer base. In this case, it will be easy for them to just tap and make a purchase.

10. Educate Yourself Consistently

Think of affiliate marketing this way. From 1936 to 1967, television shows are only black and white. Today, televisions can show over 4k pixels. Interestingly, whether you are watching in the ’50s or today, you’ll be able to see and understand the show regardless. 

Similarly, you can do affiliate marketing with basic knowledge but if you want to become more efficient and profitable, then you should aim to learn every day. This is especially important if you are just starting out. 

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11. Reduce the Length of Your Blog Post

Too much information might be difficult and monotonous to read for the fans. They might end up missing information that is crucial for the product, making it difficult for people to purchase. A long post might also mean that the product is not appropriate for usage. A lot of details are a major turn off to the readers. If the product has a lot of instructions, you should give a summary of enhancing simplicity. It’s helpful because it attracts an easy tap on the link, which is the main goal and the product is purchased.

12. Use an Attractive Post

Being suitable in affiliate marketing requires that you are a captivating writer. Describe the product like you have used it even though this might not be the case. Remember that there are some companies whose program requires that you are the first to make a sale. Failure to promote the product you are prone to elimination.

13. You Must Be Open about Your Affiliate Status

Claiming to own a product might be subject to a case because it means that you are lying about the company. It’s taking ownership wrongly that may lead to a cancellation of your site. Describe your product and write that you are not the owner by including the word affiliate and doing this to every post. This is an example of a disclaimer. If you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, ensure that you consult before putting yourself to risk as a fraud.

14. Avoid as Much as Possible Using The Banner Ad

It’s not good to put these words before the product that you are advertising because it makes you prone to ignorance by the followers. It does not just sound right because you don’t seem like you own the product. People might assume that you are posting it just for the sake of getting the money.                                                      

15. Identify Good Affiliate Networks to Earn From

In case you are thinking about venturing into affiliate marketing, connect yourself to some networks that will help you earn money conveniently. Examples of these networks include: share a sale, shopher, amazon associates, and ultimate bundles. They pay the commission earned to the respective bloggers. They are reliable so it’s advisable to consider them in the business of affiliation.


Hopefully, you find these 15 Tips for Affiliate Marketing helpful. I hope that you will apply it to your business and I wish you will find success because of it. 

Which of the tips you are already doing? Which one you will incorporate to your affiliate marketing? What number/s do you think will not work out?

Please let me know in the comment sections below! 

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  1. Thank you for writing this post John. I am into affiliate marketing and often and again I wonder why I am not doing so well with it. These 15 points have answered many of my questions. Now I know I have to be more influential on social media. I also need to promote my posts. And I need to identify Good affiliate programs with my niche. 

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