3 Ways to Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an All-in-One affiliate marketing solutions provider. Unfortunately, it comes with a price. With a $49/month or $375/year subscription fee, I understand that not a lot of people can easily afford it. Great News! I know 3 Ways to Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate

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Today, I will talk about the following:

  1. 2 Types of Wealthy Affiliate Membership
  2. Ways to Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate
    • Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program
    • Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Comment Tool
    • Wealthy Affiliate’s Ambassador Incentive Program

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2 Types of Wealthy Affiliate Membership

First things first: 2 Types of Wealthy Affiliate Membership. 

I need to talk about this because the number of ways you can make money on Wealthy Affiliate will depend on what your account is.

WA offers a FREE starter account and a PREMIUM account. 

Obviously, their starter account will help you get started in affiliate marketing, but you will need to upgrade to Premium Account if you are looking for extra value.

The FREE starter account is great for you if you are just testing the waters. You can learn how to create your own website, get you started on your blog and receive a crash course on how affiliate marketing works. 

On the other hand, if you subscribe to a Premium account, you will get access to features and services that can help you really build and manage a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Knowing the two membership types of WA is important because the number of ways you can make money on Wealthy Affiliate will depend on the membership type you have.

Ways to Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program

It is not surprising for WA who teaches affiliate marketing to offer their very own affiliate program. As a matter of fact, their affiliate program is one of the best in the industry.

Let me explain to you the affiliate program of WA.

Starter Premium
First Month$4$8
Monthly Recurring$23.50$11.75
Yearly Recurring$175$87.50

Monthly Recurring means when your referral subscribed to the monthly subscription.
Yearly Recurring means when your referral upgraded to yearly subscription.

As you can see, STARTER account users only get 1/2 of what PREMIUM account users get.

It is a kind of out of topic, but I want to let you know that there are different ways to get promote your affiliate links to get referrals. To learn how, please check my article, “3 Proven Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing“. 

WA’s affiliate program will be your bread and butter here at Wealthy Affiliate, but this might not come as fast as you are hoping for. In that regard, you might want to explore the other two ways that you can do to make money on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Comment Tool

According to Kyle’s training, getting a comment on your articles is a good way to boost your SEO score. When Google crawls your post and sees comments, it thinks that your article is interesting which is why people are engaging.

That said, Wealthy Affiliate offers a nifty tool where a premium member can ask or give comments and this is the second way to make money on Wealthy Affiliate!

Where is Site Comment?

You can access this tool by clicking “Website” found on the menu bar, under your profile image, on the home page.

When you click the Website,  you will be transferred to another page with additional menu.

Click Site Comment to access the tool.

How  Site Comment Works?

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you have to spend 2 Wealthy Affiliate credits to get a 1 comment. You can earn these credits by commenting to other WA members through the SITE Comment tool; 1 comment = 1 credit. You can also buy credits from WA; One Credit cost $0.50. 

How to Make Money Using Wealthy Affiliate Site Comment

To make money using Wealthy Affiliate Site Comment, you simply need to comment 50x within one month! If you hit this requirement, you will become a certified commenter, and you will be able to cash out your WA credits. 

Yup. Since 1 comment = $0.50 then 50 comments = $25

Is it Worth The Time? 

It depends on your goal.

It is not if…

If you are doing SITE comments for the sole purpose of making money, then I think it is not worth it. 

A well written comment would take you about 5 to 10 mins. Multiply that by 50, then you will be spending about 250 mins to 500 mins. That is $6 and $3 dollars per hour, respectively.

It is if…

There is a plot twist to this, of course, and this will involve properly setting your Gravatar

Gravatar is your avatar when leaving comments to other people’s blogs in WordPress. Every time you use the SITE Comments tool to leave a comment, WA automatically uses your Gravatar. 

Here’s the great news. If you set your Gravatar right and leave a nice and insightful comment, then there is a good chance that people will check your out! That means free traffic!

What I mean by setting it right is making sure to put your website URL on Gravatar. Use should also use your website logo for pictures and if you want to go extreme, use your website name as your username. 

Don’t believe me? Here is Niel Patel’s experiment on leaving a  comment: How to Drive Traffic to a Brand-New Site with Little to No Money and Blogging Without Comments: Should You or Shouldn’t You?.

Do’s and Dont’s of Site Comments:
  • Don’t try to cheat others if you want to make money from WA using this method. Please read and leave informative comments. Write a mini-blog if you will.
  • Don’t steal the thunder. Avoid or limit leaving your website URL or your link to your blog (unless it can really help) because it looks spammy. 
  • Give the type of comment the requestor is asking for. WA comment requestor can choose what type of comments they want to receive. If you are giving a comment, WA will let you know what kind should you give. Give what they are asking because of its kind of annoying to the requestor if you don’t.
Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Creation Incentive

Wealthy Affiliate is big on education. It tries its best to provide good and reliable training material for all. To promote this culture, Wealthy Affiliates gives cash incentives for training materials that are being used and shared by many of its users.

Unfortunately, this method of making money on Wealthy Affiliate is restricted to premium members only. You need to be at least a Premium member for 3 months before you can create training.

Making money is easy. You just need to get enough likes and comments to get rewarded. Here is a hack for you. Make sure to increase your network so your followers will see your training materials when you post it.

Do You Know More Ways?

As far as I know, those are the things you can do on Wealthy Affiliate that can earn you money. Feel free to share in the comment section if you know more Ways to Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate. 

For now, 

Which way do you think will be most feasible for you? 

Which way you will probably not going to try?

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