Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam – Or Is It?

I am honestly confused why many people think Wealthy Affiliate is a scam because many of its members make $100, $1000-$2500, and $100000 a month.

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In this article, I will demystify Wealthy Affiliate and hopefully, you will have sufficient knowledge and understanding about the WA business model to decide whether it is for you or not.

In this article, I will answer the following questions:

  • What WA offers?
  • Why Do People Think Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam?
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to Take Advantage of WA?

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products promoted on this website and may earn a commission if you purchase something.

What Wealthy Affiliate offers?

WA has a lot to offer but I have no space to write all of them down so I will just give you a quick summary of what you can get when you subscribe with WA.

WA offers the following :

  1. All-In-One Affiliate Marketing Platform
  2. Best in Class Affiliate Marketing Community
  3. Very Lucrative Affiliate Program

I have written an article, “Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It” and in there, I explained in detailed what are the things you can get from WA, so if you want to know WA in more details then I recommend that you read it.

WA is an All-In-One Affiliate Marketing Platform

What do I mean by that?

WA specializes in providing affiliate marketing training to those who are interested to start an affiliate marketing business.

They have two sets of affiliate marketing courses.

The first one is Online Entrepreneur Certification which is designed for people who are looking to create a blog/website for recreational or business purposes.

The other set of online courses is Affiliate Bootcamp which is geared for people who are looking to start an affiliate marketing business.

On top of that, WA is also a domain registrar, web-hosting service provider and a website builder which are the three things you need to start a blog.  

Wealthy Affiliate has Best in Class Community
wealthy affiliate has best in class community

There is a Christian teaching which says, “Iron Sharpens Iron” and I think there is truth into this.

If you want to become a successful blogger then you need to be in the company of successful bloggers. Those who have gone ahead of you can share their experience and teach you valuable lessons that will help you avoid costly mistakes.

I am convinced this is where WA shines!

I am not exaggerating if I call WA as Facebook of Affiliate Marketing.

There are hundreds of thousands of active members in WA and almost all of them (especially the top 200 a.k.a. WA ambassadors) are ready to answer almost all of your blog-related questions.

If you are just starting in a blogging/affiliate marketing journey, I suggest that you should be in this kind of community because not only you will learn a lot from others, but also, you will be encouraged and be motivated by others.

WA has a very lucrative affiliate program

I have shared earlier that many members make a ton of money at WA and that is because of their lucrative affiliate program.

To be honest, I have been in a hunt of the best affiliate program and no one can match WA’s affiliate program. I have never seen in my affiliate marketing career a company offers a recurring commission!

The Wealthy Affiliate commission structure is as follows:

Why Do People Think Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam?

I could think of 3 reasons why many think Wealthy Affiliate is a scam and these are the following:

  • Wealthy Affiliate’s Lucrative Affiliate Program and Success of WA Members
  • Many Don’t Understand How Affiliate Marketing Works
  • Negative Reviews are From Competitors
Wealthy Affiliate’s Lucrative Affiliate Program and Success of WA Members

As soon as you subscribed to WA, Kyle, the owner of WA will ask you three questions. Kyle then reassures you that WA can provide that IF you put the work behind it.

Once you are a member, you will see other member’s WA blog posts and every month a group of successful WA members will post their monthly income.

Add them all together and you have a new member dreaming of making a ton of money in just a couple of days.

To be fair, Kyle would say in one of his training that members should expect to put a lot of work in their blog business especially when they are starting. He, for example, has put a lot of work for the first six months and did not see a single penny in his bank.

This is actually a typical expectation from new blog entrepreneurs like yourself.

Google and other search engines would not give you special treatment and would rank you high on their search engine result page just because you are new and want to make money.

You need to prove to them you are a serious blogger and you do this by writing a lot of blogs in your chosen niche using the proper keywords.

This process usually takes 6 months to 1 and 1/2 years and this is the reality many new bloggers don’t expect. Many people quit WA because they are not making money. It is not WA’s fault though. They just didn’t put the effort and perseverance necessary to succeed.

Many Don’t Understand How Affiliate Marketing Works

WA boasts that they can help you make $1000, $2k, $3k, etc. per week thanks to their affiliate program.

So how does it work?

Well, you need to refer a person to WA!

Aha! There it is WA is a multi-level, pyramid scheme, therefore, it is a scam!

Well, unfortunately, WA is not using a multi-level business method. If it does, then its members will probably make a lot more!

WA uses the affiliate marketing model (kinda obvious since they are an affiliate marketing platform). In a nutshell, affiliate marketing earns you a commission if your reader clicks on your affiliate link.

Here is an example,

So the point is, to make money in WA, you need a website/blog, content with your WA affiliate link, and traffic.

Making money on WA is so simple! You create a blog (something like this), invite people to try it out, and when they click the link then boo-yaa commission. What makes it hard is getting the traffic. Getting traffic into a new website is virtually impossible and that is not WA’s fault but it is because of search engine algorithms.  

I have written an article about What is Affiliate Marketing? and I recommend you to read if you do not know what it is.

I also included a video below explaining how you can make money with affiliate marketing to help you understand how others use it to create their 5-6 figure a month online business.

You probably watched videos on Youtube. Most Youtubers would do a video, share a product they are using in the video and would ask you to buy the product using their link found in the product description. That my friend is affiliate marketing and that is what WA is using.

Negative Reviews are From Competitors

There are not many negative reviews about WA except for those who say, “Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam… Now check out my [insert company name (w/affiliate link)] to make real money”.

Check it. Just search Wealthy Affiliate + Scam (word it anyhow you want) and you will find these kinds of articles.

Okay, here is the truth. Most “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam” reviews are probably from other WA members like me who are trying to promote WA so I guess that would be biased, so why not just try it out for yourself? It is free anyway and if you don’t like it then don’t log in and forget about it!

Yes! That easy. You don’t even need to put in your credit card information when you are subscribing to a Free Starter Account so you do not need to worry about cancellations!  

How to take advantage of WA?

I mentioned what WA offers and hopefully, that gives you an unbiased idea of what you can really get from WA. I also explained what might be the reason some people think it is a scam and hopefully that would help you give an honest expectation on WA.

Hopefully, these two things will help you decide whether WA is for you or not. Now, let me offer you some strategies that I really think will help you take advantage of WA.

The following strategies to take advantage of WA:

  1. Learn, Quit, Return
  2. Buy your yearly subscription on Black Friday
  3. Work Diligently and Persevere
Learn, Quit, Return

I get it. Many people (probably including you) are looking for ways to make money online needs to make money and not to spend money.

However, I really believe that the value WA has to offer is a good investment.

The problem is, the return may not be quick, and they (you) might run out of money before they see the return.

My solution is to take advantage of the 1-month FREE Starter account then make the most out of it. When one month ends, WA will offer a 1 month discounted premium membership. Again, make the most out of it. It is likely that you will not be able to finish all the online lessons in 2 months so take the financial hit and subscribe to the $49/ month for 1 to 2 months.

Determine where you are after four months, if you have written close to 50+ quality blog entries then I think you are in a very good position and it is just a matter of time before you make your first sale. If you are not close to 50 then you might need to consider quitting WA’s membership, find a reputable web hosting service provider and a website builder and keep building your blog.

After you build your blog and you know you have consistent traffic then re-subscribe to WA. You want to go back to WA because their affiliate program is freaking sweet, although useless if your blog has no traffic.

Buy your Yearly Subscription on Black Friday

If you have the cash to spare, then I suggest you stick to your WA subscription and make the most out of it! 

If you purchase the Black Friday Special Yearly Subscription, then you will just pay about ~$24 a month.

You can not go wrong with that price considering how much value WA can provide you. 

Work Diligently and Persevere

WA is not a business model that you purchase so you can become rich. 

WA is a tool that will help you become successful in affiliate marketing. That being said, your success mainly depends on you. 

Do not expect to become rich if you don’t put the effort there is no legit kind of business that will make you rich overnight. You need to keep learning, you need to keep doing, and you need to persevere if you want to succeed in this business!


Hi Friends!

I hope you love this article and, more importantly, I hope it added some value in your life.

I just want to quickly summarize what we have talked in this article.

The main topic for today is “Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam – Or Is It”.

I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for a year now and I really love it. That being said, this article might be a little biased, so I want you to decide for yourself.

I can promise you will not lose anything for trying Wealthy Affiliate and see if what I am saying is true or not.

I can’t promise you though that you will not get hooked to it!

Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer especially if you are new to blogging or affiliate marketing.

They have a platform where you can find all of your blogging needs from training, to building, to maintaining, to profiting.

They also have a wonderful community to learn from, to ask for support, and to get motivation and encouragement.

Really, these all sound too good to be true, so I challenge you to try it out yourself and decide for yourself.

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