Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020| Everything You Need to Know

Let me guess. You are looking for ways to make money at home and you stumble upon Wealthy Affiliate (WA). You are not sure if it is legit or just another crappy program that will try to squeeze money off you so here you are reading another Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 to make sure it is legit.

I’ll save you the trouble of reading the entire blog and let me tell you that it is legit… IF you have realistic expectations about making money online especially on blogging.  

To be honest, it is so legit they are offering an absolutely FREE starter account.

Not only that!

They will not ask for your credit card information and there is no time limit for using the FREE starter account so you don’t have to worry that they will sneakily charge you after your free trial.

BUT wait there is more… (lol I’m sounding like an Informercial now)

If you sign up today, I will personally mentor you!

So if I were you I’ll take the non-existent risk and sign up today.

OOOOkkkay, so if you really are diligently doing your research on Wealthy Affiliate, then read on as I try to give an honest, legit, truthful (pinky promise) review about Wealthy Affiliate!

Just a heads up. I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate for couple of years now and I find it really useful. I got to admit that it is not perfect and there are lots of things that can be improved, but I honestly believe that being a PREMIUM member is worth it.

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products promoted on this website and may earn a commission if you purchase something.

Overview: 7 Profitable Niches With Low Competition

  1. Pet Products Niche
  2. Health and Fitness Niche
  3. The “Make Money Online” Niche
  4. Personal Finance Niche
  5. Self-Improvement Niche
  6. Online Dating Niche
  7. Online Dating Niche
  8. Solar Energy Niche

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

What is Wealthy Affiliate? 

In a nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate is the Swiss knife of affiliate marketers! 

Built by Kyle and Carson in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate became the best tool any affiliate marketers could ever ask. 

Wealthy Affiliate is an Education Platform for Affiliate Marketers
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WA offers education and training to help beginner and advance affiliate marketers start and grow their business, respectively. 

It offers over hundreds of hours of Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp as well as LIVE weekly 1-hr webinars.

On top of that, you can access thousands of member-generated training blogs and videos. 

Wealthy Affiliate is an All-In-One Blogging Platform

WA also offers all the tools a blogger needs to set up their first, second, third even there 25th website. Premium members can host up to 25 of their websites on WA while Starter members get to host 2 websites.

WA enables its members (both Starter and Premium) to use WordPress, one of the best website builders known, to help them build their site.  WordPress makes it easy for you to build their website since all you need to do is to move around widgets, download and activate plugins and write your blog. With WordPress, you can focus on writing and building your content and they will take care of the coding part. 

WA provides thousands of premium themes for its Premium member and hundreds of themes to its Starter member. This is helpful since themes can define the character of your brand. You can use themes to customize their site according to their niche and brand. 

They can also create their domain names through WA’s very own domain registrar, though WA charges $15/year vs ~$24/year charged by the competition. 

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing Network
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Recently, WA added the Affiliate Programs Tab which allows affiliate marketers to access hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs.  

WA’s looked for the biggest affiliate marketing networks and curate them into their platform. This way, you don’t have to create or log in to multiple accounts to use different affiliate programs. Everything is in one place for easy and tidy use. 

Next, they created a grading system for each affiliate programs, so you would know which affiliate programs are most followed and which one’s are high-quality affiliate programs.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Search Engine Optimization Resource Center
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As a blogger/ affiliate marketer, your main goal is to drive traffic to your content and ask your readers to take action and buy the product you are promoting through your affiliate link. 

There are hundreds of ways to promote your content and drive traffic to your website. 

The number one on the list and the best and the most sustainable way to drive traffic to your website is by Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O). Obviously, since WA wants you to succeed in the affiliate marketing business, they have provided different ways to improve your website’s S.E.O. 

They offer the SITE Comment function to boost your blog comments. They give Premium Members access to Jaaxy, a keyword research tool. They also pre-installed the All-In-One SEO website plugin to help affiliate marketers make sure that each and every article they write is SEO optimized. 

Who Is It For?

WA is not for people who are looking to make quick bucks. WA is NOT a quick-rich program/ platform

Before I say who is it for, let tell you who is it NOT for. 

If you are looking for a quick-rich strategy/platform, then WA can’t give that. 

WA is in the legit blogging business, and Kyle (WA’s founder) would make you aware of that in the first couple of affiliate marketing training videos.

If you are looking for easy money, then this is not for you. 

Affiliate marketing takes time and you will need to put a lot of work with no monetary return especially in the first few months of your business. 

WA is for people for are looking to create a long term online business

Okay, if you are still after that big reveal, then congrats! You are determined to be different from the rest! 

You have guts to venture to the unknown for a chance to have freedom most people would not even dare to dream.  

A community of Affiliate Marketers and Online Entrepreneur 

Of course, as a reward for your hard work, I can promise you that once your blog lifts off the ground, it would generate income multiple times larger than if you work your easy and safe regular 9-5. 

You probably heard the saying, the higher the risk, the higher the reward right?!

Alright, back to the topic. 

WA is for people who are ready to dedicate everything to start and grow their online business. 

It is for people who are willing to study and apply the ideas they have and will learn on a consistent basis. 

It is for people who can persevere and has the ability to get up especially you will face many roadblocks and challenges along the way. 

It is for people who are hungry for financial freedom. 

It is for people who desire constant growth and development. 

It is for people who want to get rich through proper means and hard work. 

Why You Should Use Wealthy Affiliate?

Hey, Look at you! 

You are still reading! I am happy and glad that another person wants to become different from the crowd. 

Okay! in this section, I will explain to you how WA will assist you in your online business.  

There are lots of reasons why you should use Wealthy Affiliate. These reasons are the reason why I created this Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020. I wrote this review because I want to let people know that there are still gems amid hundreds of thousands of scams with regards to making money online. 

So without further ado, let me share with you the benefits of Using Wealthy Affiliate. 

Benefits of Using Wealthy Affiliate 

Trust me there are lots of benefits of Using Wealthy Affiliate, but if I am to record all of it, then this will become a freaking novel. 

So, let me share with you the top three things that I love about Wealthy Affiliate in this Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020. 

  • Hundreds of Hours Worth of Training
  • A community of Affiliate Marketers and Online Entrepreneur
  • All-In-One Platform for Bloggers
Hundreds of Hours Worth of Training

I’ve already mentioned this in the What is Wealthy Affiliate section, but let me explain more why this feature is important to you. 

You see, you don’t need to be smart or come up with new ideas to become a successful online entrepreneur. Yes, being a genius or coming up with innovative ideas will help you with your online business, but it is not the number one requirement. 

Affiliate marketing is not new and that means other people have already tried and tested the strategy. Now, in order for you to become a successful online entrepreneur, your only job is to learn from other experienced and successful online entrepreneur. and this is where WA training and live webinars come in. 

Alright. So below are some of the trainings that you would get when you become a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate. As a FREE Starter Member, you will have access to Level 1 training, enough for your feet to get wet and see if blogging is for you. 

Now my favorite training material from WA is Magistudios’ Live Webinar. Every week Magistudios (Jay) does a 1-hr LIVE webinar. This webinar is very helpful on many levels. First, it keeps you up to date with the ever-changing trends in the world of marketing. Second, even if you are an advanced affiliate marketer, the live webinar can help you learn new things or help you be reminded of the basics of affiliate marketing.

A Community of Affiliate Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs
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Have you heard the saying, 

“Birds of a feather flock together”

or Proverbs 27:17,

 “Iron sharpens Iron, and one man sharpens another”

Both of these are saying that if you want to become better at something, then be with people who are already good at it and learn from it. 

If you are seriously aiming for a promising career in affiliate marketing/blogging, then you MUST be with people who’ve been and are on the same journey as you so you can get valuable advice and heartfelt encouragements. 

Again, WA is here for those things! 

Inside the platform, members can create and post native blogs, ask questions for other members to answer, say hi on the chat section, message one another, and many many more. And trust me. People are very active on these channels. 

Using and taking advantage of these channels would mean answered questions, the start of new valuable relationships/partnerships, and the acquisition of important knowledge. 

All-In-One Platforms of Bloggers

Another thing that I mentioned earlier is WA is an All-In-One Platforms for Bloggers and this is great because not only things will be nice and tidy, it is also going to be cost-effective!

Personally, I tried to buy courses from uDemy and Shaw Academy plus I have my domain name with GoDaddy, and let me tell you that it is messy since that right there needed me to create 3 accounts plus I spend a lot. 

In reality, I could have just stayed with WA and pay one monthly fee and boom. Everything I need in one place for a much cheaper price. 


Short Comming of Wealthy Affiliate 

Of course, this will not be a Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 if I don’t share the negatives sides about the platform so here they are. 

  • Trainings are Relevant and Useful, but Outdated
  • Jaaxy Works, but Nobody Else Use it Aside from WA Members  
  • Hosting Speed is Great for Beginner Websites, but a Bit Slow for Mature Websites
Training Materials are Relevant and Useful, but Outdated

Okay. My first complaint I have with Wealthy Affiliate is its trainings are outdated. 

Yes, the principles are still the same and all the programs and software used in the training videos still exist but companies have updated their websites, and following the training becomes so confusing. 

Well, there is good news I hope. 

In Kyle’s communication/update blog with WA community, he mentioned that they will be revamping the entire training videos. Hopefully, it is true, and I believe it is so with that said, this complains will soon end. 

Jaaxy Works, but Nobody Else Use it Aside from WA Members  

To be honest, I actually don’t know who built Jaaxy. I have a hunch that it is owned by WA as well. 

I also don’t know how accurate the data it is giving, but when I tried to pit it with other well-known keyword planners, the results it gives generally follow the same direction as others although there is a huge discrepancy with numbers. 

I got to admit though. I don’t know how these companies get their data for their keyword planners. I just know how to use them. 😀

Hosting Speed is Great for Beginner Websites, but a Bit Slow for Mature Websites 

This problem really annoys me. 

Now, another disclaimer. I am no genius when it comes to hosting speed and all those kind of stuff. So I am not sure if my complaint is accurate or not. However, I think the hosting speed WA provides is not too great and this is a problem because site speed is one of Google’s criteria. 

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today

Well, hopefully, my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 was able to give you all the information you need to decide if Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Remember. You can always create a FREE Starter account so you can see how awesome WA is for yourself.

The FREE Starter account is not just a one month trial! You can literally build your first website and manage it for life!

The FREE Starter Starter account will not ask you your credit card, so you don’t need to worry about getting charged in case you forget to cancel.

Basically, the FREE Starter account is your gateway to this awesome all-in-one affiliate marketing platform without strings attached so if I were you, I’ll not think twice and JOIN NOW.

So, Are you joining now and get on to your financial independence journey starting today?

Overview: 7 Profitable Niches With Low Competition

  1. Pet Products Niche
  2. Health and Fitness Niche
  3. The “Make Money Online” Niche
  4. Personal Finance Niche
  5. Self-Improvement Niche
  6. Online Dating Niche
  7. Online Dating Niche
  8. Solar Energy Niche

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