Weatlhy Affiliate Review – Features WA Offers That I Really Love

Hello Friends!

In this post, I will be sharing my experience on my use of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and I hope that I will be able to help you decide whether WA is for you or not. If you search Wealthy Affiliate reviews, then you will most likely read a mix bags of reviews; some giving WA good review other accuse it as a scam. I suggest that you create a FREE no-strings-attached account first and judge it for yourself.

Before we start, let me give you a quick look at what to expect from WA as a FREE member

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Wealthy Affiliate Review Overview:

Website Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Description: WA is an “All-In-One” Online Business platform. It provides lots of training materials. It assists users to build a profitable website by offering website building tools and search engine optimization (S.E.O.)  software. It is also a offers web hosting service and domain name registrar. The best part is you get answers to all of your questions almost instantly.

Prize: Starter Member: FREE, Premium Member: $49/month or $359/year  ($29.92 that is a SAVINGS of $20)

Score: 8.5/10

The Best Part: 

  1. 100% very supportive community. They answer your questions, they post blogs within WA that are helpful to the growth of your business.
  2. Informative Lessons: You will have an access to hundreds of hours of online tutorials that will help you with your online business.
  3. Lucrative Affiliate Program: WA pays somewhere between $11.75 to $23.50 per referral


  1. Cheaper monthly payment for beginners: Let me get this straight. Many veteran WA members make somewhere between $500 to $6000 or even more so $49/month is just cents to them.  In addition to, premium members who upgrade to yearly payments only pay $29/month! However, it will cost members $49/month if they choose to pay monthly. That might be a bit pricey for new members who don’t have lots of cash.

My First Encounter With Wealthy Affiliate

Desperately Searching for New Opportunity

The first time I encounter affiliate marketing is during my lunch break at work. I was desperately searching for alternative ways to earn money. I work for a pharmaceutical company and honestly the job is stable and the pay is decent. However, my job got too boring since it is not aligned with my passion and I am not being challenged anymore.

I also have a dream to start a non-profit that empowers people especially those who are marginalized by equipping them leadership skills, but that dream will require a huge amount of capital and my 9 to 5 job would not be able to support it.

With these two reasons, I started my quest to find an alternative way to make money.

Making Money Online is a Reality for Lots of People

The first thing that I searched that night is “how to make money online”. The result of my initial research pointed me to creating passive income such as vending machine business, writing e-books, doing vlog, etc. All those things are an excellent idea, but I felt they are either too safe, too slow to generate money, or too hard to do.

Searching For the Perfect Online Business

I continued my search for the perfect online business. The next set of ideas that I found includes, “generating income as an online freelancer, flipping sites, and finally blogging and affiliate marketing”. This is the first time that I saw affiliate marketing but I initially have lots of doubts that these opportunities would work.

Be Careful of Get-Rich-Quick Scams

During my search, I saw a lot of “Get Rich Quick” schemes that entice people to join their “make-money-from-affiliate-marketing” program. They promise that their program will enable their customer to make $2000 and up through affiliate marketing in a matter of 1-4 weeks. This claim is obviously false. I know very well that it will take a miracle to pull off a $2000 paycheck in just 1-4 weeks (Of course, unless you write 2 to 3 blogs per day, every day for 28 days straight and be able to build a strong following in social media in that short span of time). Further research revealed a $2000 paycheck from doing affiliate marketing is not impossible at all, although it will take more than 1-4 weeks to do so.

At this point, I am determined to do all the work necessary to pull this off. In spite of the determination I have and the passion that I showed, I still have one problem. How do you do a proper affiliate marketing?

A Platform that Truly Adds Value

I used different learning platforms such as Udemy then later on Shaw Academy to learn the basics. I love these learning platforms because you get a lot of value for the money you spend, but it is not enough. I need a more complete and more comprehensive platform that will cater to my online business needs. Praise God, after researching for a while, I found Wealthy Affiliate!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a site founded by Kyle and Carson for online entrepreneurs. The site is more about 13 years old and it currently has a community of  1.4 million helpful members.  The Kyle and Carson’s objective is to help others succeed in online business by making the process simple, and this is reflected in the services WA offers. The site offers all the services that both aspiring and veteran bloggers and affiliate marketers need to be successful in their online business.

Try Wealthy Affiliate For a Month For Free Today!!!

Summary of Services Wealthy Affiliate That I Love:

Here are some of the services that WA provides to their community that I believe helps everyone regardless of their skill level or experience on online business

1. More Than Hundreds of Hours Step by Step Training and Learning Modules

If you don’t have a single clue on how to blog or how to profit from affiliate marketing, then WA is the best place for you!

WA provides video and written lessons that will give you the knowledge needed to be successful. Each lesson also provides tasks needed to be done before proceeding to the next one. The benefit of this format is you start building your website as you finish your course.

The snippet shown above is my personal course program. I am a premium member so I have access to over hundreds of hours of training.  WA FREE Starter members get access to phase one of Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp.

If you are deciding whether WA is legit or a scam, then I would challenge you to open a free starter account and at least finish the phase one of Online Entrepreneur Certification or Affiliate Bootcamp to help you build a good foundation.

2. Over 300k+ helpful members

You might be wondering what is the reason to love the big membership of WA. Well, if you are a rookie in this field, you will surely have lots of questions to ask. If you have been doing this for quite some time now, then you know from time to time you will need leads, ideas, etc. Where do you think is the best place to ask for help?

One great thing about WA is it is like a “Social-Wikipedia-Media”. Social media because you connect with other people that have similar interest like you do.  On the other hand, it is like a Wikipedia because everyone gives back to the community. As a result, you get so much information that will help you find answers to your questions or finding your next idea for your blog.

In my experience, there are three ways to ask for help on the WA site.

First, you can post your questions on your profile page.

Second, you can type your question on WA search bar.

Third, you can ask people on the live chat. I can’t tell you which method is the best one to use when asking questions because whichever you choose, I can guarantee you that someone will answer your question.

3. Access to dedicated ambassadors and personal coach

In a rare occasion when nobody answered your questions, do not fret. There is another solution!

One cool thing about WA that you will easily notice when you join is they have a ranking system.

The system ranks members depending on how often they help, how much content they contribute, and how active they are on the site. WA posts the top 200 best people on the site.

This is beneficial to you!

If you have questions, needs ideas, etc then you can click on their profile and ask for help and they will surely give you a hand.

4. All in One Website Services Provider

Are you a fan of Apple products? Many people love Apple because it was Steve Job’s mission to make everything as simple as possible. Amazingly, WA does the same. WA provides all the things a blogger needs to start, run, and monetize their blog.

Explanation of some of these features are the following:

Site Manager helps you manage all of your site (2 sites for free trial members, and 25 sites for premium members). In this tab, you can log in to any of your sites without the need to enter passwords, check the health of your site, and many more.

Site Builder is where you create your WordPress website for free and create your very own domain name. It also enables you to transfer your domain from other domain registrars to WA (or use the Site Domain for this function).

Site Content lets you create your content inside WA platform, use their spell checker software to make sure your grammar is correct, and add a high-quality image for your blog to attract your reader to your site. Once your article is done, you can post it on the website of your choice.

Site Comment is one of the cool things WA offers. It allows you to ask other members to comment on your site. Having comments or readers interaction is very important if you want your blog to get indexed by Google (put your blog on the front page of the Google search).

Site Feedback lets you ask feedback from WA community. Their feedback will help you improve your site, content, etc. therefore will have a higher chance to attract traffic.

Site Support is a WA service that handles any technical issues that you might have with regards to your websites.


Overall, I really enjoy the services WA provides. You can feel the founders really aims to add value to their customers and that mindset is passed down to its member. In addition to, the culture they created in their platform is very positive. Every member aims to help and answer the questions of everyone regardless of their skill level in blogging.

I have shared my experience with the platform, and I am sharing this with all honesty. The only thing that is left now is for you to try it sign-up for a FREE starter account and see it for yourself. Promise me to do the all the lesson in level 1 of “Online Entrepreneur Certificate” or “Affiliate Bootcamp”, so if you decided not to go premium, I would still be at peace knowing that you have learned the basics of blogging.

Bonus Content

I honestly believe that if you are looking to make money online, then WA is the place to sign up!

Here is a good deal for you!

If you try WA today, even just the FREE starter account, I will give you 5 x 1-hour lessons that I believe will help you jump start your online business! Plus, I will personally coach you so you can succeed in blogging for income!

There is nothing really for you to lose on these very generous offer, so I hope you open up that FREE starter account now!


Hey Guys,

I hope I was able to give you important information that will help you on your blogging/ online business journey. I hope you will try out WA and if you do please let me know if you decided to purchase the premium version or not and why. I also love to hear feedback from you about this post!

John A

8 thoughts on “Weatlhy Affiliate Review – Features WA Offers That I Really Love”

  1. As a member of wealthy affiliate, you are spot on in everything you say. The site manager and site comment portions that you pointed out are used non stop. This is the best platform, and they use WordPress which is the best site development platform out there. Combine that with the honest site feedback and site comments section and it is the best winning scenario that you could possibly imagine. I am not an Ambassador, yet each of them communicate with me when I have a question or create a discussion, as they (like all on wealthy affiliate) are very humble and willing to help. Great insight!

    • Hi 

      Thank you for your personal testimony. 

      Im glad there is another Wealthy Affiliate happy customer. I agree with you how helpful the community is and how they love to give feedback on our work. I believe that these are very important element to succeed in online business. 


      John Greg

    • Hi Donna,

      To be honest, I love the service that they provide and the community I am in. However, if I am going, to be honest, as a newbie like me who is not making money yet finds the $49 + tax which when converted into C$ is around C$77 which is quite a bit of initial investment. The good news is I can upgrade to yearly subscription and that $49 goes down to $30.

      From others’ experience tho, I believe I can make as much as $500 to $4000 a month from Wealthy Affiliate after several months of hard work.

      Like I said, the value that I am getting from Wealthy Affiliate is phenomenal so I am willing to pay.

      Hope that answers your questions.

      John Greg

  2. Hello John;
    Starting out with the other ways of learning was a great twist. As you say WA is the best way to go because you learn and build as you go along. Wishing you all the best.


  3. Your story of searching through the litter of scams trying to find an honest way of making money online is so similar to mine. It seemed to take ages to find the genuine opportunity Wealthy Affiliate provide.

    I was trying to find a method of earning an income that didn’t require purchasing stock, packing, posting nor any returns to deal with either. Affiliate marketing provides this solution meanwhile it’s a low-cost way of starting up and running a potentially lucrative business IF you are willing to work.

    Their training, help and website hosting can only be described as first class meanwhile WA’s training teaches the free-way to flourish your website in the search engines. I have never paid for advertising.

    Great review, all the best,

    • Hi Simon,

      I couldn’t agree more. I first search the best program to teach me Affiliate Marketing on Youtube and I found several programs that I almost signed up. What turned me down is being able to earn about $1k in just 7 days?! Sounds too good to be through.

      Good thing I searched around and found a review that it is a fraud. I end up signing up with Wealthy Affiliate and I love it!

      John Greg


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