What is Pinterest Used For?

You probably think Pinterest is another kind of social media but it is not! True, It has the following and followers stuff going on here, but there is more to it! It is actually a visual search engine as well! That being said, What is Pinterest Used For?

Pinterest Interesting Facts

Jeff Bulla gave some interesting fact about Pinterest in his article 10 Amazing Facts About Pinterest Marketing That Will Surprise You,

According to him, Pinterest users do the following

  1. 88% purchase a product they planned
  2. 49% purchased 5 or more products they pinned love to spend
  3. It drives consumer purchasing behavior

In addition, Pinterest can be helpful for business owners because of the following:

  1. It is the fastest growing website by overall member growth
  2. Second in social networks by growth in members
  3. Pins have HUGE potential to go viral
  4. Pins live longer

What we can get from the fun fact above is many Pinterest personal users use Pinterest to search and save ideas to buy and they are proactive buyers.

These are great news if you are a business because of two things

  1. Most of your followers are proactive shoppers
  2. The probability of your followers buying your products/services are high

In this article, we will be focusing on how businesses can take advantage of the unique shopping behavior of Pinterest Personal Users

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What is Pinterest?

1. Pinterest is a Search Engine

Pinterest users (both personal and business account) share and save ideas through a Pin.

Here is an example of a Pin:

What is Pinterest Used For, What is a Pin?

Observe the Pin above has the following information:

  1. Image

    Using high quality and relevant images will attract users to check out your pins

  2. Title

    The Title is actually keywords used for search engine purposes

  3. Benefit

    Writing down the benefits of your pin (idea) would make users save your Pins especially if they think it can solve their problem

  4. Link To Your Site

    Pins purpose is only to attract people’s attention. All of your Pins should link back to your site where your followers can get more information or can buy your product or services.

Pinterest is A Social Network

The picture above is my Pinterest Account, and if you look closely below my profile, there is the “Follower” and “Following” tab which makes Pinterest a Social Network but not in traditional sense.

What is Pinterest Used For?

Thousands of business of ever kind use Pinterest for search engine marketing and social media marketing!

Note: If you don’t have a Pinterest for Business account yet, then I advice that you should convert your existing Pinterest account now or create a new one!

Pinterest for Search Engine Marketing

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest users use Pinterest to search for ideas (product/services) to consume. The ideas they want to consume belongs to a market category a.k.a. niche.

Each niche has its own unique set of keywords that a user types to get desired results from a search engine, in this case, the search engine is Pinterest.

Here is an example:

Say you are a Pinterest user interested in making money online niche.

If you want to search for ideas on that niche, then would type “make money online” on Pinterest search bar to get relevant results/

Pinterest will then show Pins that has “make money online” on their title, description, etc.

You will then save Pins that you think are relevant to you on your Board, so you can go back to it later for reading and learning.

That is how the Pinterest ecosystem works.

Now if you are a business owner (especially an online business) then you can take advantage of this system by creating pins and boards that have the keyword “how to make money online” on its title and description so other users can see your Pins when they search the “how to make money online”.

As a Pinterest for business owner, you should always put your website link/ blog URL to your Pins’ destination URL, so you can direct people to your website if they click the Pin to get more information on the idea you presented in your Pins..

What this whole process means are the following:

  1. Businesses can boost their website/ blog traffic
  2. Businesses, especially, e-commerce, can increase their sales using Pinterest

Pinterest for Social Media Marketing

This is where Pinterest’s following/follower feature comes in handy.

Theoretically, your followers are interested in your business which is why they added you on their network.

There are two ways to take advantage of strategy

  1. Organic (Free) Social Media Marketing
  2. Paid Social Media Marketing
Organic (Free) Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing means you are relying solely on your brand awareness to advertise your content. That means you need to have a massive following and you need to post regularly so your contents can be seen by many.

Let me explain that in more detail.

Building Your Followers

As with any other Social Media Marketing strategy, your first move should be to grow your followers.

Having a big following increases your “social media clout” or online authority and this is great for brand awareness. People tend to engage with businesses or personalities with large following because of “herd mentality”

Fortunately, since Pinterest is not a traditional social media, building a large following is quite easy!

Posting Contents Regularly

Equally important and must be done simultaneously with growing your followers is content creation. This means creating Pins or re-pinning other people’s Pins!

Paid Social Media Marketing

Another way to use Pinterest as a social media marketing tool is to purchase an advert from them. This means you will have to create a Pin like you normally do, but you will order from Pinterest to advertise it to your target audience.

When you order a sponsored pin, Pinterest will ask you details about who your target audience is. Provide these details so they can show it to your target audience.

Although this will cost you money, the return on investment should be high especially if you targeted the right people.

How to Use Pinterest to Make Money?

Now, let us put the pedal to the metal. In this section, I will teach you how to use all the things I taught above into use so you can make money online!

Well, let me give you a crash course on how an online business works then an advice how you can use Pinterest.

How Online Business Works?

1. You need a product to sell

If you want to make money online, then you need to sell something! Some people sell physical items, others sell ideas while some sell services.

It doesn’t really matter what you are selling. As long as you can offer something that can add value to the life of your customer and they are willing to pay for that, then you are good to go!

Here is the great news. You can still something even if you really don’t have anything to sell!

All you need to do is find an affiliate partner , apply to their program, and if sell their product if they approve your application

2. You need people to buy your product

Well, this is another pretty basic one. Of course, like in real life, you will have to advertise your product/services for people to know that they exist!

In the online world though, marketing your product/service is much easier and more effective than in real life.

For example,

You can advertise your product by writing a blog.

Once you have written that blog, it will exist in the world wide web as long as the internet exists. In other words, one advert can be used over and over again. In other… other… words, the return on investment on your online advertisement is high!

3. You need a marketing strategy to connect people to your product

There are a lot of online marketing strategies you can use to advertise your product. Some of which are search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), and e-mail marketing

There is a lot to say about these methods, but that is beyond the scope of this article but let me give you a quick overview

How Should Businesses Use Pinterest ?

Here are the points how business should use Pinterest and ultimately what is it is used for

  • Business owners should create a business account
  • They need to grow their follower’s list by following the right people
  • They need to create niche-related Boards
  • They need to create niche-related Pins and save it on appropriate boards
  • They need to re-pin niche-related Pins
  • They need to put their website/ blog URL to their Pin’s destination link

Feedback, Suggestion, and Question


That’s all I got for this article. Please I encourage you to share your experience on Pinterest if you are using one for your business. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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